Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable, Responsible, Ecotourism

It is our priority to provide sustainable tourism, with utmost respect to the environment and its people.

Working with Local Providers

As direct tour operators, we recruit the best local guides, local transport providers, family size accommodation providers, as well as boutique hotels, working only with South American companies. This creates a positive feedback loop, which will improve our client’s experience, as well as the communities in which we operate. Learn more about the authentic South American culture, while having the satisfaction of knowing your money directly supports the local economy.

Respecting the Local Culture

On top of discovering traditional attractions, come experience living and sharing the day-to-day life with the locals. Our clients are often involved in these communities to help protect and develop their surroundings.

Certified in Sustainable Tourism

In 2016, PIE EXPERIENCES was awarded the prestigious TourCert check.TourCert Check Certification sustainable tourism

TourCert specializes in certification and training in terms of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainable tourism. This represents the responsibility assumed by a company for its impact on society and the environment.

At PIE EXPERIENCES, we are aware of our responsibility toward the environment, our employees, associates, and the local communities we visit.

To constantly improve our programmes, our company is building a sustainability report which evaluates the production value chain of a trip in accordance with various environmental and social criteria. 

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