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Visit Argentina – a whirlwind of wine and tango!

Unforgettable trips to Argentina
Pie Experiences / Visit Argentina – a whirlwind of wine and tango!


Where should you visit in Argentina?

From dense rainforests to mighty glaciers, Argentina has it all! Stretching over 3500km and five distinct natural regions, Argentina is a travellers’ paradise. Visit Argentina, and see chunks of ice the size of houses falling from Perito Moreno glacier. Be amazed by mighty Iguazú Falls, a chain of cascades stretching over three km. Finally, round it all off with the best wine in the world in Mendoza’s Malbec vineyards.

When to visit Argentina:

December to February is summer in Argentina, and therefore peak season in Patagonia! The good weather means that hiking through Tierra del Fuego is one of the best things to do in Argentina.

Visit Argentina in the spring (September to November) for pleasant temperatures and not too much rain. Ideal for visiting Buenos Aires, the North and the Lake District.

Autumn, between March – May, is time for the grape harvest and therefore a perfect time for an Argentina wine tour! Visit Mendoza or Cafayate, because these cities are the hub of Argentina’s wine country.

June – August is winter, and therefore ski season! Head to the northern Andean resorts for the best snow and ski slopes.

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Top Argentina Travel Destinations

Buenos Aires

Exciting Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in South America! Admire the faded charm of its elegant European centre, then take the bus to visit La Boca. One of the best things to do in Buenos Aires is to visit a local milonga. Here, you can have a free tango class, or just watch the gorgeous locals dancing!

Buenos aires tango tourMendoza

No Argentina wine tour is complete without a visit to Mendoza! Mendoza has a huge range of tailor made tours to help you feel like a real wine buff. First of all, hop on a bus or a bike and enjoy the scenery of Argentina’s key wine region. Next, try some of Mendoza’s famous Malbecs with the help of local experts.

Mendoza argetina

Independence Square (Plaza Independencia), the biggest and most important square in Mendoza city, Argentina

Salta & Cafayate

Visit Argentina ’s north west, and the dusty desert towns will make you feel like you’re in the Wild West! The cliffs and mountains around Cafayate are so red that you’ll think that you’re walking on Mars. The vivid pinks and greens of the Quebrada de Humahuaca must be seen to be believed! Luxury Argentina tours take in the puna, where black and yellow volcanoes make a sharp contrast with the white salt desert. Smart Salta, the region’s capital, boasts elegant colonial buildings in almost as many bright colours as the natural landscape.

10 Good reasons why you should visit Northwest Argentina

Visit Northwest Argentina-Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada de Humahuaca, Northern Argentina


A hiker’s heaven, Patagonia boasts some of the best landscapes in the world! Visit Argentina ’s Tierra del Fuego national park (“land of fire”) and be amazed by the mighty glaciers, mountains and lakes. Further north in El Chaltén, you can trek through the beautiful snow capped Fitz Roy mountains, or visit the world famous Perito Moreno glacier, where massive blocks of ice break off before your very eyes with a crash like thunder!

Patagonia Argentina

Cerro Fitz Roy in Argentina


Mighty Iguazú Falls are a once in a lifetime experience, and are a real highlight for many when they visit Argentina! The falls boast over three km of waterfalls, and through these water cascades with a deafening crash. As a result, Iguazú is overwhelming for both eyes and ears!

Iguana Falls in Argentina

girl tourist looks at the view of worldwide known Iguassu falls at the border of Brazil and Argentina

Pampa Argentina

Visit Argentina and try the world famous beef! Food is a vital part of your Argentina holiday. The Argentine Pampas are lush grass lands that surround Buenos Aires, the perfect place for grazing the millions of cattle that supply the country’s grills. Perhaps even more interesting than the food is the chance to catch a glimpse of the gauchos, Argentina’s very own cowboys! These nomadic cattle hands preserve many of their traditions, especially their colourful clothes and music, and are a vital part of Argentina’s rich cultural heritage.

Gacho Argentina -Pampas ArgentinasAntarctica

A tailor-made Argentina tour to the continent of Antarctica is a once in a lifetime adventure! Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world, and so boat tours leave from here and last around a week. During your tour you will see some of the world’s most unique wildlife. Antarctica is home to thousands of penguins, plus a huge range of seabirds, seals and whales.

Trips to Antarctic from ArgentinaChoose from our list of tours below or Contact Us to discuss your interests. Pie Experiences is your go to travel expert for vacations to South America. We guarantee quality vacations that will exceed your expectations.

Create your own tailor made trip to Argentina -Get your Free Itinerary

Best Argentina Tours for 2017-2018

Exploring the North of Argentina  – 7 Days

Your seven-day adventure will enrich your adventurous spirit with beautiful landscapes al. As you travel, you will be enchanted by the many different towns and awesome gorges. On your way, you will have a chance to taste the most delicate wines and delicious foods. The North of Argentina is like a treasure chest full of jewels that you will enjoy every day.

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Crossing the Puna on a Northern Argentina – 7 Days

The varied landscapes of the Puna make for a very exciting tour! In Northern Argentina, you will explore the history of ancient times and the traditions of modern cultures. The area is very diverse, and boasts vast deserts, lagoons, and volcanoes, as well as amazing flora and fauna. Photographers will love the colours and unique landscapes! If you are still wanting for more, Northern Argentina is celebrated for its food and wines, and is full of vineyards that you can explore along your journey.

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The Rhythms of Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls Tour – 5 Days

Enjoy the perfect blend of South American culture, mixing tango and jungle on this 5-day tour of Argentina. Discover exciting Buenos Aires before moving on to the Iguazu Falls National Park. Shared by Argentina and Brazil, this UNESCO World Heritage site is often called a “must-see” during any stay in Argentina.

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  • Choose from our list of tours below or Contact Us to discuss your interests. Pie Experiences is your go to travel expert for vacations to South America. We guarantee quality vacations that will exceed your expectations or Get your Argentina Free Itinerary

Create your own tailor made trip to Argentina -Get your Free Itinerary

Best Argentina Tours for 2017-2018

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