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Visit Bolivia – a country built on the mountaintops!

Original tailor made trips in Bolivia
Pie Experiences / Visit Bolivia – a country built on the mountaintops!

Welcome to Bolivia !

Visit Bolivia, and explore elegant colonial architecture, imposing mountains (the Andes cover a third of the country’s landmass) and otherworldly desert landscapes. And with 36 distinct ethnic groups, Bolivia’s population is as diverse as its scenery. Some 62% of Bolivians hail from indigenous groups, the highest percentage in South America. This deep link with the pre-Colombian past manifests itself in the architecture, the music and the prevalence of the Quechua and Aymara languages.

Our Bolivia travel packages encompass the country’s rich pre-Columbian and colonial history. You can’t fail to be charmed by this unique, rugged, superlatively beautiful mixture of a country.


When to Visit Bolivia

May – October is high season, and an excellent time to visit Bolivia. Sunny days and minimal rainfall make for excellent conditions for outdoor-bound Bolivia tours!

November – April brings the rainy season. Avoid the lowlands, which suffer the brunt of the bad weather, but take advantage of the rain by taking a luxury Bolivia tour to Salar de Uyuni. Rainy season is the only time of year that you can witness the ethereal “mirror effect”, when the land and the sky seem to blend into one!

Choose from our list of tours below or Contact Us to discuss your interests. Pie Experiences is your go to travel expert for vacations to South America. We guarantee quality vacations that will exceed your expectations.Top Bolivia travel destinations.

La Paz

Visit Bolivia - La Paz

Cityscape of La Paz in Bolivia

The world’s highest capital city will leave you breathless in more ways than one! Visit Bolivia ‘s mountain-top metropolis, where sharp-suited businessmen brush shoulders with Cholita women wearing traditional bowler hats and long braids. Take a cable car to the top of El Alto, the city’s highest point, and observe how the architecture changes as you climb further up the mountain. Browse for spells and have your fortune told in the infamous Mercado de Brujas (witch market). For the brave, our tailor made holidays in Bolivia can include a vertiginous mountain bike ride down the infamous Death Road! Finally, history buffs will love the awesome pre-Inca site of Tiahuanaco, located just over an hour from La Paz.

Uyuni Salt Flat – Salar de Uyuni

Visit Bolivia - Uyuni salt flatsThe unique landscape of the legendary Salar de Uyuni will make you question whether the salt flats are truly of this Earth. In the dry season (May – October), the dazzling whiteness as far as the eye can see offers ample opportunities to get creative with perspective to take unique and surreal photographs. In contrast, the rainy season (November – April) creates the ethereal “mirror effect”, where the sea and sky seem to become one. Our custom Bolivia travel packages can include one, two or three days in the salt flats!

Sajama National Park

Visit Bolivia - Sajama National Park

Picturesque view of Nevado Sajama volcano, highest peak in Bolivia in Sajama national park

The ultimate in “off the beaten track”, Bolivia’s oldest national park offers some of the best trekking that the Andes have to offer. With our Bolivia holiday packages, you can visit snowcapped volcanoes, bubbling geysers and some of the highest forest in the world. The Aymara people have lived in the park for thousands of years, and their influence is clearly visible in the ancient burial sites and mysterious artifacts that dot the landscape. You can also enjoy meeting Andean wildlife: the Sajama National Park is home to thousands of llamas, vicuñas and alpacas, as well as numerous species unique to the region.


Visit Bolivia - Sucre city

San Felipe Neri monastery from La Merced church in Sucre, Bolivia

Why not include the country’s most beautiful city in your tailor made holiday to Bolivia? Admire the whitewashed houses with traditional red roof tiles and beautiful bright white churches that have earned Sucre the nickname of the “white city”, and catch glimpses of the surrounding mountains whose natural beauty complements the breathtaking architecture. Don’t miss the well-preserved colonial city centre and the Tarabuco Market on Sundays, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.


Santa Cruz

During your Visit Bolivia , you should do not forget to visito one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Santa Cruz is sometimes referred to as Bolivia’s “other capital”. Santa Cruz boasts its own unique culture, perhaps due to its low altitude and tropical climate, so different to other Bolivian cities. Santa Cruz is also Bolivia’s most modern city, boasting smart shopping malls and carefully landscaped parks. It’s therefore a great place to start your Bolivia luxury tour, in order to ease yourself into the Bolivian way of life!


Visit Bolivia -Cerro Rico en Potosi

One of the many depictions of Tio Pachamama in the mines of Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia. Miners pay their respect to Tio Pachamama every time they go down into the mines.

Charming Potosi is the highest city in the world! It was also once the height of the economy of the Spanish Empire, after the conquistadores discovered the rich silver deposits in Cerro Rico mountain. Although most of the silver has long since gone, the mines remain in operation and most Bolivia travel packages will include a visit to this fascinating site of living history. The architecture of the city shines as brightly as its precious metals; the colonial architecture is so exquisite that the entire city was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987!

Visit Bolivia with us!

Choose from our list of tours below or Contact Us to discuss your interests. Pie Experiences is your go to travel expert for vacations to South America. We guarantee quality vacations that will exceed your expectations.

Best Bolivia trips for 2017 – 2018

Visit Bolivia Luxury Travel – 8 days

With just eight days, you can explore the best of Bolivia on this private tour. You can experience a Salar de Uyuni tour, the world’s biggest salt flat, and literally just observe the memorable landscapes that the dry alpine of Bolivia has for you. Admire the elegant flamingos stirring up mud and eating the delicious delights found in the lakes. Along the journey, you will visit the Potosí silver mines, and explore a mine that sparked the greed in Latin America and claimed the lives of about 8 million people. Additionally, this famous Cerro Rico and visit one of the first National Mints in South America.

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Uyuni Salt Flats Tour from Uyuni City – 3days

Bolivia’s barren landscapes will have you questioning your existence on earth in no time at all. Starting at the Uyuni Salt Flats, you’ll query the difference between the earth and the sky, touching one and the other on this privately guided luxury tour. Delve deep into the Siloili Desert, with its lakes of astounding, oil palette colours, as magnificent flamingos hold court in a natural habitat straight from a Salvador Dali painting.Visit Bolivia!

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Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for America and Occidental Europe.
Languages spoken
Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani
Currency used
Boliviano (BOB)
Area (km2)
1,098,581 km2