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Where you should visit in Ecuador?

Why is Ecuador so special

Visit Ecuador, and see how it punches above its weight in terms of attractions. You can explore the Amazonian rainforest, climb snow-capped volcanoes and be blown away by the world famous Galapagos Islands! The diversity of scenery, architecture and culture means that Ecuador is often seen as a microcosm of South America, and its small size means that all these wonders are very accessible!

Ecuador is a wonderful place for wildlife-watching, boasting dozens of animal species found nowhere else on Earth. Moreover, its cultural heritage is as rich as its natural wealth. Cities such as Quito and Cuenca boast fabulous Spanish colonial centres, while Andean towns such as Otavalo maintain the traditions of their pre-Colombian past.

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What is the best time to visit Ecuador

Weather in Ecuador is usually determined more by region than time of year!  June – September sees less rain and is therefore an ideal time to go hiking in the mountains. The rainforest is warm, humid and rainy throughout the year, but the rains are at their lowest between October and November, so it’s easiest to visit Ecuador ‘s Amazon at this time of year. The Galapagos are sunny (interspersed with occasional showers!) from January – June, and dry and overcast July – December.

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Top Ecuador Travel Destinations:

Galapagos Islands 

Sea Lions in the GalapagosVisiting the Galapagos was a life-changing experience for Charles Darwin, and will inevitably have a similar impact on you too! These extraordinary islands offer some of the very best opportunities in the world for wildlife watching, both above and below the water. The unique inhabitants of the Galapagos are completely unafraid of their human visitors, so you can get up close and personal with blue-footed boobies, prehistoric land iguanas and blood-sucking vampire finches. Contact us for details of the many available options for Galapagos tours. The best way to visit the islands is with one of our luxury Galapagos cruises, lasting from five to eight days. With options for snorkelling, kayaking and hiking, these cruises are the best way to discover the amazing wealth of natural marvels that the islands have to offer.

Otavalo Market

Ecuador - Otavalo marketMake your way through the Andes and visit Ecuador ‘s largest market, set in the mountaintop town of Otavalo! The Otavaleños have hosted this colourful market for centuries, many of the traditionally crafted wares remaining unchanged since its origin. Barter over hand made textiles, and eat your fill of exotic Andean fruits at this jewel of Ecuador tourism. The market is also anthropologically fascinating, because it forms the commercial hub for many distinct indigenous Andean communities. On Saturdays, the market becomes a riot of colour as visitors from different villages descend upon Otavalo, each in their own traditional dress.

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Amazon Cruise in Ecuador

Luxury cruise ship in EcuadorBoard a luxury riverboat and head deep into the Amazon basin, the mighty body of freshwater that accounts for a fifth of all running water on Earth! During your Ecuador Amazon cruise  trip through this incredibly biodiverse place, you can hike into the jungle in search of howler monkeys and three toed sloths! Your cruise will take you into the protected areas of the Cuyabeno reserve and the Yasuni National Park, giving you the opportunity to see some of the huge variety of species that inhabit this relatively small South American country.

 The Quilotoa Loop

Quilotoa, Ecuador

One of the world’s very best off the beaten track hiking routes, the Quilotoa Loop winds up and down Andean hills and valleys, passes by the imposing Cotopaxi Volcano and makes a grand finale at the spectacular topaz Laguna Quilotoa crater lakes. With our Ecuador tour packages to Quilotoa, you can disconnect from the “real” world for a while. Spend your days trekking through unforgettable scenery and visiting remote Quechua communities, and your nights resting by the fireplace in cosy wayside hotels. Thus far, the loop remains under the radar of most travellers, so the sense of getting back to nature remains blissfully unspoiled by crowds.


Quito , EcuadorSurrounded by snow-capped mountains, Quito is a photographer’s dream! Visit Ecuador ‘s lovely capital and admire its unique blend of Spanish, Moorish and indigenous architecture. The adventurous can take the cablecar up Volcan Pichincha and scramble to the summit for spectacular views over the city. Most Ecuador tour packages include the practically obligatory day trip to the Mitad del Mundo, a complex of monuments and attractions marking the location of the equator, situated just 25km from central Quito. The best of these is the kitschy Museo Solar, where you can perform a series of science experiments to prove that you really are at the equator (perhaps more reliably than looking for the fictional red line running the breadth of the earth!)

A luxury train journey from the Andes to the Coast

tren crucero ecuadorThe fabulous Tren Crucero is one of the world’s most spectacular rail journeys! Visit Ecuador the way it is supposed to be seen. You will be glued to your window as the train snakes its way through the Ecuadorian Andes, the landscape slowly transforming from cloud forest to tropical coastline. Marvel at the feat of engineering that is the zigzagging mountainside track, described as “one of the most difficult railway construction projects in the world”.

Your route will traverse the Avenue of Volcanoes, where more than ten volcanoes emerge out of the pine forest. You’ll stop off at indigenous Andean villages, giving you a real insight into life in this remote, beautiful place. All the hotels and restaurants along the train route are hand-selected to benefit the communities of the rural villages, making the Tren Crucero a real leader in community-centred tourism!

Colonial & charming city of Cuenca

Cuenca in EcuadorVisit Ecuador ’s jewel of the south! Beautiful Cuenca is a dream of whitewashed colonial architecture and narrow, cobbled streets. Take a stroll along the banks of the Rio Tomebamba and enjoy the most charming buildings of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in a setting that is simply beautiful. Some of the finest edifices are the city’s 52 churches: don’t miss the iconic blue domes of the New Cathedral! Cuenca is also an important university town, so the cultural scene is as rich as its architecture: art, music and festivals abound in this exciting, vibrant city.

A little-known fact about Cuenca is that it is also the birthplace of the famous Panama hat! The hats were in fact originally made in Ecuador, from a specific type of Andean straw, and were worn by workers during the construction of the Panama canal. You can learn more about the iconic hats at the Panama Hat Museum (Museo del Sombrero de Paja Toaquilla).

Masphi National reserve – staying at Masphi luxury Lodge

Mashpi reserve in EcuadorDeep in the Choco rainforest, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, you will find the fabulous Masphi Lodge. With floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows throughout the lodge, you won’t miss even a second of your encounter with Nature (not even when you’re soaking in the lodge’s jacuzzi!) Although only three hours from downtown Quito, Mashpi is a real opportunity to get back to Nature. Begin your day with one of the lodge’s guided hikes and wildlife watching excursions into the jungle. Round it off with a dinner of rainforest produce, with spectacular view of the treetop level and its inhabitants!

Hike close to Cotopaxi Volcano

Cotopaxi volcano

The eponymous centrepiece of the Cotopaxi National Park is the imposing, active Cotopaxi Volcano, the second-highest peak in Ecuador, standing like a challenge to intrepid climbers! The snow-capped volcano presides over sparkling Andean lakes, majestic glaciers and cosy rural lodges where you can enjoy the views from an outdoor jacuzzi, or curl up by the fireplace with a book. Visit Ecuador ‘s favourite national park: a real treat for hikers that is simply not to be missed.

Best Ecuador Tours for 2017-2018

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Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for America and Occidental Europe.
Languages spoken
Spanish, Kichwa (Quichua), Shuar
Currency used
United States dollar (USD)
Area (km2)
283,560a km2

Visit Ecuador, and see how it punches above its weight in terms of attractions. You can explore the Amazonian rainforest, climb snow-capped volcanoes and be blown away by the world famous Galapagos Islands!