via ferrata in sacred valley
13 Avr

Exploring the Sacred Valley: Family-Friendly Activities in Peru’s Heartland

The Sacred Valley, located in Peru's Andean highlands, is a destination that offers a variety of family-friendly activities for guests of all ages. This gorgeous location has something for everyone, from exhilarating outdoor adventures to absorbing cultural encounters. Thrilling Family Fun: Ziplining in Peru's Picturesque Sacred Valley Ziplining is one of the fun activities that families may participate in. Several tour providers in the Sacred Valley offer ziplining experiences that allow families to soar through the air while seeing the surrounding mountains and valleys. Kids may feel the wind in their hair...

slow travel south ameria
2 Fév

The Art of Slow Travel in South America

  Introduction If you're looking for a new destination, South America is a great option. With its exotic cities, remote beaches and amazing weather, it's no wonder that thousands of tourists flock to this continent every year. But what if you could slow down and really experience all that South America has to offer? That's where slow travel comes in! It's one thing to plan a trip to South America; it's another thing entirely to experience the continent at a pace that allows you to have a true cultural exchange with the...

30 Jan

Explore Your Machu Picchu Circuit Choices for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Machu Picchu, the awe-inspiring Incan citadel in Peru, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With the pandemic affecting travel, the Peruvian government has implemented new rules and regulations to ensure the safety of visitors and to preserve the site for future generations. One of these changes is the creation of four designated circuits within Machu Picchu, as well as a fifth path for those visiting via the Inca Trail. In this article, we'll break down each of the four circuits and provide information on their...

6 Juil

Things to do in Cusco – The Ultimate Cusco Travel Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Welcome to the Ultimate Cusco Travel Guide Introducing our  new 2019 edition of the Ultimate Cusco Travel Guide in which we'll cover things to do in Cusco. If you are heading to Machu Picchu, chances are you are flying into the beautiful city of Cusco - formerly an Inca capital now turned tourist mecca. Furthermore, what many people don't realise is if you aren't spending a lot of time here, you could miss out on some seriously amazing experiences that really embody the heart and soul of Peru. With its (seemingly) never-ending festivals, bright colours,...

A view of the sinclinales of Torotoro, Bolivia
25 Juin

Bolivia’s Torotoro National Park

Chances are you haven’t heard of Torotoro National Park, and we don’t blame you. Bolivia’s highlights wall normally features Salar de Uyuni, La Paz and Lago Titicaca among others; for some reason Torotoro, by large, has escaped the tourist limelight. Until now. Due to become a UNESCO World Heritage site by the end of 2019, this incredible national park will finally be getting the attention it deserves. Make sure and visit the phenomenal canyons, dinosaur footprints, astonishing caverns and unique sinclinales before the crowds arrive.

Northern Argentina Tour- Exploring the city on a Salta Tour
19 Juin

Our Salta Travel Guide- Argentina

In the far north-west reaches of the colossal country that is Argentina, Salta is a little different from other South American cities. If you choose to visit – and you really should – you’ll enjoy an authentic Andean city with plenty to keep you entertained.

Found in 1582, Salta is far more Incan than European. The old colonial city boasts elaborate Spanish architecture, modern museums, Argentina’s best empanadas (that’s really saying something) and a fascinating Incan influence. You’ll find it at the foothill of the Andes. Surrounded by impressive mountains and jungle, it’s the perfect place to base yourself if you decide that you want to see the incredible surrounding scenery too. The highest vineyard in the world is nearby where you can try some outstanding high-altitude wine too.

Colourful sculptures and structures hang off of balconies on El Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 Juin

Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is electric. The Argentine capital is like no other place you’re likely to visit. Bursting with character, full to the brim with life, everything in this 13-million-strong city is an incessant show of passion, romance and dance. Here you’ll be surprised to find grand European buildings, elegant squares and calm café culture: but you’re never far away from the classic South American frenzy. Sip back delicious Malbec, and losen your belt for some of the world’s best asado. Get ready to explore beguiling neighborhoods with our guide to...

25 Mar

Hiking Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu Mountain?

Introduction & Statistics of Machu Picchu hikes For ages, speculation over which Machu Picchu trek promises a greater escapade has been a hotbed of debate. After all, would it be worthwhile to spend a longer time hiking Machu Picchu Mountain, therefore ending up at the highest peak possible, or, rather, unleash your inner daredevil traversing the steep cliffs of Huayna Picchu? Of course, the final say is yours. However, Machu Picchu Mountain has many unconsidered or overlooked beneficial attributes. Don't allow rash decision-making to derail the trip quality. Instead, take into account this brief overview standardizing the positives of trekking Machu...

17 Déc

5 reasons to hike the Huayhuash Trek | Huaraz | Peru

Huayhuash Trek Cordillera Huayhuash Peru Having backpacked around numerous parts of South America, the Huayhuash trek always stands out as being the most memorable. From its towering peaks, ascending more than 6600 meters, to the open sky almost touching the turquoise lagunas, the Huayhaush trek resembles heaven on earth. In fact, this 8-12 day hike circumnavigates the Cordillera Huayhuash mountain range (130 km or 81 miles). Therefore, you can witness a panoramic view of this rocky terrain. Once here, you'll be able to walk amongst these colossal peaks, and visit some of the most iconic vistas...

10 Déc

Huaraz things to do | The ultimate travel guide 2019

When you hear of Peru  Machu Picchu comes to mind, however the city of Huaraz things to do in the surrounding Cordillera's will leave you with another idea.  South America has many hidden gems and stunning landscapes. Ranging from the jungles of the Amazon, to the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, the possibilities are endless. When it comes to the rugged landscape of the Andes however, few compare  to the grandeur of Huaraz and surrounding mountains. Whether you are interested in a simple day trek to the famed Laguna 69 with...