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Are you looking for unforgettable local experiences in one of the richest and most biodiverse continents in the world? Do you want to go off the beaten path and connect with the indigenous people? Desperate to discover a fascinating history that is still alive today? Eager to learn new, exciting activities and embrace vibrant native culture? Then look no further.

PIE Experiences has put together the most cultural and local experiences in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina. Specifically designed to allow you to embrace and immerse yourself in their way of life.

Local Experiences in Peru:

Peru’s Cuisine has been voted the best in the world for the 6th year running. So why not take advantage of this? Improve your culinary skills by participating in cookery classes in Lima or Cusco. Use fresh and locally sourced produce and then enjoy your creation.
Try our express ceviche cooking class and make a traditional dish of the ancient Peruvian coastal people. Learn about the history of Peru’s national drink, Pisco sour. Make your own, whilst discovering new aromas and tasting the different local flavours.Embrace your inner artist whilst having pottery lessons.

Meet the descendants of the Inkas in the sacred valley. Learn how they make and decorate their camelid wool fabrics and enjoy a feast prepared by the ancient tradition of Pachamanca. Breathe in the natural air and take yoga lessons in the sacred valley town of Urubamba, whilst escaping the busy bustle of modern city life.

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Local Experiences in Argentina:

Being the 5th largest producer of Wine in the world, Argentina has a lot to offer even the most experienced wine connoisseurs. Increase your knowledge of the grape to bottle process with plenty of tasting throughout the day on our local wine tours.

Visit the home of a local Argentinan couple in the Paraná Delta, a 320km river delta with interconnecting islands and no roads. Travel the area by boat and enjoy seeing how the locals live in houses built onto stilts.

Explore the colonial town of Cafayate in the Salta Province. Meet the people, enjoy empanada cooking lessons or make your own pottery pieces.

Discover the colorful and vibrant area of Caminito, La Boca in the capital city of Buenos Aires of which Tango is alive and kicking. Learn to dance like the locals with our daily lessons. Argentinian local experiences like no other!

Local Experiences in Bolivia:

Visit the highest capital in the world, La Paz. Browse the famous witches market which sells strange and enchanting ingredients. These are used in rituals to communicate with the spirit world.

Explore Moon Valley, which boasts lunar type landscapes and peculiar rock formations. Ride a cable car high above the city to reach El Alto’s open air market ‘Feria 16 de Julio’ which is thought to be one of Latin America’s largest. Or visit the bright and colourful market close to Sucre, in the historical town of Tarabuco, rich in Yampara culture.

Hike The Valley of The Souls and Palca Canyon. Explore these impressive canyons whilst taking in the rock spires that stick out in every direction.
Ride horses with native guides through the Bolivian Andes, taking in the breathtaking scenery of giant cacti and huge mountains. Local Experiences with unforgettable memories.

Local Experiences in Ecuador:

Discover our Local Experiences in Otavalo Market, bursting with indigenous culture where the Kichwa people come to sell their handmade individual goods.
Go on a Walking tour of Quito and admire its graffiti art. Tasting traditional Ecuadorian gastronomy at the street food stalls of the city.

Spend a full day hiking and exploring the protected cloud forest reserve of Mindo which is home to 450 individual bird species. Discover the many species of butterfly hosted in their protected butterfly farms. Learn about their life cycle and admire their beauty.