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Luxury Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu – 8 days

Hike the amazing Rainbow Mountain
Pie Experiences / Luxury Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu – 8 days

Luxury Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu – 8 days


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The Ausangate Trek is a five day trek in the Cordillera Vilcanota that travels along a route we call the “Camino Del Apu Ausangate”. Near the highest sacred mountain in the Cusco region, the “Apu” is the bearer of life and the guardian of one of the most pristine mountain ecosystems in the world.
Your trek will be accompanied by llamas and horses, as well as shepherds of the community of Chillca who are proud to share their land with us. Daily meals will be prepared by experienced chefs who will introduce you to a great variety of classic Peruvian dishes and produce. Each night, you will stay in unique “Tambos” or Andean Lodges. Some evenings, you will even experience authentic vernacular music played by local inhabitants.

Highlights of the Ausangate Trek with Andean Lodges & Machu Picchu:

  • Experience the Ausangate Trek in maximum comfort with nightly stays in mountain eco-lodges
  • Travel light with the help of a llama caravan owned by local shepherds
  • Pay a visit to the tremendous Ausangate Lake and look upon its reflective turquoise waters
  • Come upon the multi-colored ridges of the photogenic Rainbow Mountain 
  • Enjoy a private guided tour in Machu Picchu

Itinerary Overview:

Please review the “Tour Plan” tab for a full itinerary of the lodge to lodge Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu.

Day 1: Arriving in Cusco:

Arrive in Cusco, and begin your adventure with a Cusco city tour to Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Puca Pucara, Temple of the Sun, and Tambomachay. Spend the day acclimatizing before beginning your Ausangate trek with Andean lodges.

Day 2: Ausangate trek -Cusco to Chillca: 

Begin your trek in the Cordillera Vilcanota with an easy trek to Chillca. After a warm reception in your Andean Lodge, you can rest up and feast on local specialties.

Day 3: Ausangate trek-Chillca – Machuracay:

Trek beside thousands of alpacas and llamas, waterfalls, and glaciers on your way to  Machuracay.

Day 4: Ausangate trek-Machuracay- Anantapata: 

Cross the first mountain pass to Ausangate Cocha. Amidst the sandstone formations, you’ll have a chance to spot vicuñas and condors before arriving at your lodge.

Day 5: Ausangate trek –Anantapata – Huampococha:

Travel over the second mountain pass, to experience glaciers, Cerro Laya Grande, and the many colors of Rainbow Mountain. Spend the night in a comfortable Andean lodge and rest up for the final day of your trek.

Day 6: Ausangate trekHuampococha – Cusco:

Climb over the final mountain pass past incredible limestone formations on the final day of the trek. Depart by bus to Cusco.

Day 7:  Cusco – Sacred Valley – Aguas Calientes:

Depart Cusco for an adventure through the Sacred Valley. You will visit the Pisac for the terraced ruins and Pisac Market, Urubamba for a lunch rich with traditional flavors, and Ollantaytambo before taking the train to Machu Picchu. Spend a restful night in the town amongst mountains as you rest up for early morning departure to Machu Picchu.

Day 8: Machu Picchu – Cusco :

Venture to Machu Picchu by bus, where you will learn about it’s tremendous history with a local guide. Trek high above the ruins to Waynapichu (optional, must be pre-booked) for spectacular views of the park below. In the evening, you will return by train to Ollantaytambo by train, and private transfer to Cusco.


Important Information:

We recommend you book this tour at least 2 months  in advance.

This trip start every wednesday only from March to December.


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Day One:Cusco

City tour in Cusco

Qorikancha in Cusco the most important temple in the Inca Empire

Transfer from the airport in Cusco to accommodation . This morning you will be flying to the city of Cusco, once the capital of Inca civilization. You'll spend the day visiting palaces, traversing a local fruit market and wandering around Cusco's main square, Plaza de Armas. You'll be walking with your tour guide, having lunch in a local restaurant along the way. After lunch, you'll be driven to Cusco’s most important archaeological sites: Kenko, Puka Pukara and Sacsayhuamán. Constructed from giant boulders intricately cut to fit together without the use of mortar, these fascinating ancient ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Accommodation:  Tierra Viva hotel or similar - 3 star hotel

Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide


Day Two : Cusco - Chillca - A Welcome to the Cordillera Vilcanota

hike Ausangate mountain in Puno

Head along the Vilcanota River by comfortable coach to visit the temple of Checacupe, then the upper valley of Pitumarca. At Japura, we'll trek a short distance to Chillca. Locals and musicians playing Andean instruments welcome us with coca tea to our first Andean Lodge. High in the mountains, you will still have a comfortable stay with hot showers and full bathrooms in one of 8 double or matrimonial bedrooms. You are invited to experience tasty and nutritious local cuisine (such as Alpaca meat) but vegetarian and other preferences are welcome.

Hiking Time: Approximately 2 hours

Hiking distance: 3,3 km approximately

Hiking Level: Moderate

Meals: B, L, D

Accommodation:  Lodge Chillca Tambo at 4368 metres o.s.l / 14327,04 feet

Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide


Day Three : Chillca – Machuracay: Trekking alongside the Llama Caravan

llama caravan trek in Peru

After breakfast, trek beside thousands of alpacas and llamas in the glacial valley of Phinaya. En route to the glaciers at Santa Catalina, ascend alongside the stunning Pjachaj waterfalls where our picnic lunch await us. Surrounded by glaciers, lagoons, and moraine walls, continue on your trek for 5 hours to Machuracay Tambo. We will travel lighter with our bags being carried by a llama caravan, before being welcomed in by the family that runs the lodge.

Hiking time: Approximately 7 hours

Hiking distance: 14.9 km. approximately

Hiking level: Moderate - strenuous

Meals: B, L, D

Accommodation: Lodge Machucaray Tambo at 4'805 meters o.s.l./15'760.40 feet

Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide


Day Four: Machuracay – Anantapata: Ausangate Cocha and Local Wildlife

Ausangate trek in Peru

Today we take in spectacular panoramic views from our first mountain pass at 16,587 ft. Descending beside glaciers, we hike to the Ausangate Cocha Lake for lunch.

Here, the landscape shifts dramatically due to the deep red sandstone formations where we will find vicuñas, and sometimes, Andean condors. After a rewarding day of hiking we arrive at the third Andean Lodge to relax and enjoy the comfortable amenities.

Hiking Time: Approximately 6 hours Hiking distance: 11,63 km approximately Hiking Level: strenuous Meals: B, L, D Accommodation: Lodge Ananpata Tambo at 4700 metres o.s.l /15416,00 feet Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide

Day Five : Anantapata – Huampococha: A Colorful Encounter with Rainbow Mountain

rainbow mountain in Cusco After breakfast, we travel on to our second mountain pass. Dropping down, we'll hike by Lake Kayrawiri, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and an enormous valley below. Then we go on to Cerro Laya Grande via massive glacier del Inca, and find the most striking colors in the sediments of Yauricunca Mountain, more famously known as Rainbow Mountain. We eat lunch here while taking in this unique landscape. On our way to the fourth Andean Lodge we’ll have the chance to see hundreds of Andean geese nesting in the cliffs of Anta, and the flatiron formations of Apu Labrayani near Huampococha Tambo where we will spend the night. Hiking Time: Approximately 6 hours Hiking distance: 11,63 km approximately Hiking Level: strenuous Meals: B, L, D Accommodation: Lodge Huamanpococha  Tambo at 4818 metres o.s.l /15813,00 feet Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide

Day Six : Ausangate trek–Huampococha – Cusco

textile demonstration n Ausangate Enjoy a great view of the mountains, as we hike to the top of our final pass. It’s all downhill from here! We encounter some capricious limestone formations from the Cretaceous age and hike until the end of the trail in Trapiche. Here, we have lunch and return by bus to Cusco while reminiscing on the wonderful experiences we shared in the Andes. Hiking Time: Approximately 5 hours Hiking distance: 10,51 km approximately Hiking Level: moderate Meals: B, L Accommodation: Tierra Viva hotel or similar - 3 star hotel Activities: All the activities described in the itinerary accompanied by a professional tour guide

Day Seven: Cusco - Sacred Valley - Aguas Calientes

  The Sacred Valley tour begins as you’re collected by your guide at your accommodation in Cusco. Let the excitement build as you journey into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, winding through mountains that form one of the most spiritual landscapes on the planet. Be thrilled by the twists and turns of the country roads as you approach Pisac, a town that boasts sumptuous organic food, a colourful artisan market and some of the finest panoramic views of the valley. Peruse the market with its abundance of hand made crafts and clothes, before continuing along the winding Vilcanota River, passing by charming small towns en route to Urubamba. You will notice the fields of giant white Inca corn, so symbolic and important for dishes throughout Peru. Stopping in Urubamba for lunch, you may even be able to savour some of the fresh corn growing in the fields around you. Enjoy the taste of traditional Peruvian cuisine before stepping back in time to discover the stunning terraced ruins of Ollantaytambo. As you walk around the massive stone constructions, find yourself marvelling at the precision of the ancient craftsmanship. The town’s significance to the Inca Empire is vastly important, its rich culture seeps in from the walls that surround it. Your day in the Sacred Valley will come to an end as your guide directs you to the train station. Here you will ride the 2 hour journey to Aguas Calientes, where you will be met and escorted to your new accomodation. After a briefing on your journey to Machu Picchu, enjoy dinner before resting up for your day of magic ahead. Meals: L Accommodation: 1 night in 3 star Hotel in Aguas Calientes Transport: Share tourist transport during your visit at the sacred valley & train service Ollantaytambo- Aguas Calientes Activities: All the tourist attractions  will be accompanied by a tour guide  

Day Eight :Exploring Machu Picchu - Cusco

Rise and prepare for the incredible final journey to Machu Picchu. An early bus is essential to make sure you’re able to witness the sunrise over the ancient ruins, an experience that truly holds once in a lifetime status. Once at the site, you’ll discover more about what surrounds you as your expert guide will share the rich history of one of the new seven wonders of the world. Wander through magnificently preserved ruins and contemplate the thoughts of Hiram Bingham upon first discovering the site. Let the mystical energy of the sacred valley fill you as you walk with your head literally in the clouds. No tour of Machu Picchu is complete without the Kodak moments. Find yourself a good spot and absorb everything around you, before capturing that important snap with one of Peru’s national llamas. Trekking to Wayna Picchu is something you may have your sights on. The lesser known peak that appears behind Machu Picchu will reward you with an entirely different viewpoint of the site. This optional experience can be arranged with your guide before booking Machu Picchu. Wrapping up your experience, you’ll return to catch the train back to Ollantaytambo, before riding a private transfer back to Cusco. Return to the city at the heart of the Inca Empire, having witnessed the jewel in the crown of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu. Meals: B Activities: All activities listed (including the Machu Picchu tour) will be accompanied by a  professional tour guide Transport: Train back Aguas Calientes- Ollantaytambo , private transport from Ollantaytambo to accommodation in Cusco.  

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