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Galapagos Cruise aboard the Beagle Yacht

Enjoy a fantastic cruise experience in Galapagos Islands
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Galapagos Cruise aboard the Beagle Yacht


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The Galapagos is an unforgettable adventure. On your comfortable Galapagos Cruise tour aboard the Beagle Yacht, you’ll have the chance to explore wildlife, relax, and kayak in amazing places. On white sand beaches, you can observe the major nesting site for the great green sea turtles as well as other spectacular animals. You will visit natural treasures and admire impressive geological formations where the only way to enter is by a dinghy ride. These mix of wonderful places with beautiful marine life in the Galapagos is just the beginning of such an overwhelming travel experience.

On a Galapagos Islands Ecuador Vacation

Before diving into the wonders of this beautiful and remote part of the world, you will need some information on the Galapagos islands.

Famous for its stunning wildlife, both on land and under the sea, the Galapagos islands are unparalled as a scub diving paradise. There are numerous famed scuba diving sites all over the islands, as well as cruise ships specifically designed for this activity.

The best time of year to go to the Galapagos islands is now, tomorrow, or any time. June to December are the colder, dryer months. January to May are warmer and wetter. Each season has something to offer visitors. The wet season is not particularly wet, and in fact receives more sunshine than the dry season, because the rains are generally short-lived. These dynamic conditions bring about spectacular sunsets and lightshows and the wildlife is often more active during these periods.

The wildlife and biodiversity is spectacular. The marine life includes stingrays and mantarays, whales, whalesharks, octopi, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and all manner of tropical fish. You will be able to swim with sea lions, fur seals, iguanas and green sea turtles. To name but a few. There is an astounding range of birdlife that mates and nests on the islands, most of it unique to Ecuador’s the Galapagos islands. Inland, you will be able to see the timeless giant turtles. These creatures carry a wisdom in their reptilian heads beyond what humans can comprehend.

At different times of year you will be able to see the mating habits of differing creatures. April is the best month for seeing turtle eggs hatching and the desperate plight of the little hatchlings as they make their do-or-die dash to the ocean. In September, sea lion pups begin to make an appearance.

Best of all, all this diverse wildlife, first documented and marvelled over by Charles Darwin as far back as 1835, is now entirely comfortable and even curious with a human presence, meaning that these creatures will not flee from you but will allow you to get up and close and sometimes interact with them.

The Galapagos islands tourist attractions include active and dormat volcanoes, incredible reefs and islets, unique geographical features and much more.

Highlights of the Galapagos Cruise Aboard the Beagle Yacht:

Explore the biodiversity of the Galapagos on a Galapagos cruise aboard a comfortable, steal-hulled brigantine; the Beagle Yacht, and admire the white sand beaches and experience this major nesting site as the green sea turtles do.

Experience the natural treasures of James Bay with sea lions sleeping on grottos. Observe the beautiful marine life as you snorkel and kayak in the Galapagos. Stand in disbelief atop the second largest volcanic crater in the world -- a place where Giant Tortoises have taken refuge.

Witness the tremendous diversity of birdlife that birdwatching in the Galapagos offers.



Itinerary Overview:

Click through to “Tour Plan” to see the full itinerary for the Galapagos Cruise Aboard the Beagle Yacht.

Day 1 | Baltra to Isla Santa Cruz: Travel from Baltra to Isla Santa Cruz where you will relax on the beautiful Las Bachas beach, and take a refreshing swim.

Day 2 | Isla Santa Cruz to Isla Genovesa: Visit the iconic Prince Philip’s Steps where you can see short-eared owls and nesting birds. Then, you will travel to Darwin Bay to spot frigate birds, red-footed boobies, and more.

Day 3 | Isla Genovesa to Isla Isabela via Isla Santiago: Venture to James Bay to see birdlife, marine iguanas and Sea Lion Grottos before traveling to Isla Isabela.

Day 4 | Isla Isabela: Venture to Punta Vicente Roca for a dinghy ride and snorkelling. Take an easy hike at Tagus Cove where you will get supreme views of Darwin Volcano and Darwin Lake, and witness vast birdlife.

Day 5 | Isla Isabela: Travel to Isla Fernandina to explore a site with sea lions, marine life, flightless cormorants, penguins, and other diverse species.

Day 6 | Isla Isabela: Journey to Elizabeth Bay, home to an important penguin colony, and experience the quiet lagoons and the wildlife that calls it home.

Day 7 | Isla Isabela to Isla Santa Cruz: Head for the Sierra Negra Volcano where you’ll enjoy a relaxing nature walk before seeing the giant tortoises at the Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Center. Enjoy a swim before traveling back towards Isla Santa Cruz.

Day 8 | Isla Santa Cruz: Explore the depths of the Gemelos Craters and look for the Galapagos hawk and barn owl. Depart for Baltra airport or continue on for another week of exploring the Galapagos aboard the Beagle yacht.


Beagle Galapagos Cruise (8 Days / 7 Nights Itinerary) -Northwest



ABOUT THE BEAGLE YACHT: A comfortable steel-hulled brigantine

LENGTH AND WIDTH: 105 feet/22 feet

CAPACITY: 14 passengers, 5 crew members, 1 guide

ACCOMMODATIONS: 6 double cabins and 1 single cabin; private bathroom & A/C


GENERATOR OUTPUT: 220 and 110 volt outlets (fit US appliances)


 The Beagle Yacht Boat Schematics


* The Beagle is the only vessel with permission to snorkel in Fernandina at Punta Espinoza. Masks, fins and snorkels are available on board, but we suggest you bring your own equipment for best fit and hygiene.

* The Beagle Yacht always has four double kayaks aboard. In recognition of its exceptional practices within the Galápagos National Park, The Beagle Yacht has been granted permission to carry up to eight double kayaks. It is possible to make arrangement for special kayak tours if you are interested in kayaking in the Galapagos.


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Day One : Tuesday - Arrive to Baltra / Las Bachas ( Santa Cruz) -(L,D)

Arriving at Baltra Airport, you’ll be greeted by The Beagle’s certified naturalist guide. Once paying the Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee, you’ll be assisted with your luggage collection and accompanied to the harbor, where you’ll be boarding your home for the next week, The Beagle.   Named for the ship in which Darwin first visited the Galapagos Islands, The Beagle is a 105-foot brigantine, resplendent with teak decks and beautifully designed interiors. Able to sail with up to 20 guests, your stay will be comfortable and classy, spent lounging on the wide deck or refreshing yourself in the well stocked in cabin bar. After a delicious light lunch, you will first be navigating to Las Bachas, located on the northern shore of Santa Cruz Island. A white sand beach that is a major nesting site for the green sea turtles, the name Las Bachas (“potholes”) refers to the indentations left in the sand by laying turtles or departing hatchlings. You are very welcome to swim from the beach, admiring on shore the marine iguanas as well as the area flamingos that are common in the lagoon.  

Day Two: Wednesday - Genovesa : Prince Philip's Steps / Darwin Bay (B, L ,D)

After a dry landing, limber up as you will be climbing up the fairly steep Prince Phillip’s Steps, named for Prince Phillip who visited Galapagos in 1965 and 1981. The steps lead to a lava rock trail, guiding you through Palo Santo forest, full of nesting birds. You will be astonished by the variety sea life and have a good chance of seeing the unique short-eared owl stalking its prey along the cliffs at this site.   After lunch and a relaxing snorkel along the amazing cliff sides, you will visit the beach area of Darwin Bay, an enchanting place where nutrient-rich water welcomes marine life. It is home to huge throated frigate birds, red-footed boobies, lava gulls, storm petrels and Darwin finches, just a few of the flying friends who call the bay home.  

Day Three: Thursday - Egas Port ( Santiago ) / Navigation (B,L,D)

After a wet landing at James Bay onto an unusual black beach, you will start a day of capturing countless natural treasures. An easy stroll will take you to the coastline to observe tidal lava pools, marine birds, iguanas and sea lions. This is a great place to observe the fearless Galapagos hawk, with its broad wings and silvery grey tail. The trail ends with a sighting of furred sea lions. As nocturnal feeders, these seals sleep in and around the grottos during the day, so your view of them at peace will be totally unrivalled. On returning to the beach, you may snorkel or swim. After lunch, The Beagle will start navigating to the west side of Isabela Island, one of the youngest in the archipelago at approximately 1 million years old

Day Four : Friday - Punta Vicente Roca ( Isabela ) / Fernandina (B ,L,D)

You will be visiting the impressive geological formations of Punta Vicente Roca. Riding in a dinghy- excellent for marine life observation with a completely different landscape- you will arrive at a snorkel area where beautiful underwater wildlife flourishes in this nutrient-rich current. An amazing 30-minute hike to Tagus Cove will take you to the top of a cliff to view the landscapes of Darwin Volcano and Darwin Lake, the latter an uplifted ultra-saline lake that is saltier than the sea. Historically, it was used as an anchorage site by pirates and whalers, but is now another excellent place for siting marine and land birds such as ground and tree finches, hawks, yellow warblers, large-billed flycatchers, and if you’re lucky, the entrepreneurial woodpecker finch.

Day Five: Saturday - Isabela : Tagus Cove / Urbina Bay (B ,L,D)

Fernandina is the third largest and youngest island of the archipelago. As you disembark at Punta Espinoza, you’ll notice piles of marine iguanas, piled together to retain body heat. This site is rich in wildlife, and you will be able to spot penguins, herons, Sally Lightfoot crabs and many more, all living side by side on this small point within its mangrove forest.   Located to the south at the foot of the western side of Alcedo Volcano, Urbina Bay was uplifted in 1954 from the seabed, leaving coral heads protruding out of the water. A large and growing colony of land iguana continue to prosper as due to an environmental project, their natural predators feral dogs and goats have been controlled.

Day Six: Sunday - Elizabeth Bay / Punta Moreno (B,L,D)

Elizabeth Bay is a marine visitor site, accessible only by a dinghy excursion to the Mariela Rocks. The stunning ride will take you to a cove surrounded by red mangroves, and in these quiet lagoons there may be green sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, brown pelicans and small shark. You will take a thrilling walk over lava to a series of lagoons with great views, surrounded by Darwin’s finches, Galapagos doves, blue-footed boobies, mockingbirds and flightless cormorants. Still on the largest island of Isabela, you will explore Punta Moreno, a desolate and pristine landscape of impressive black lava flows affording good views of Alcedo and Sierra Azul volcanoes.

Day Seven: Monday - Isabela : Sierra Negra / Villamil (B, L ,D)

After breakfast, you will head for the Sierra Negra volcano. The second largest volcanic crater in the world, it sits in the southern part of Isabela Island. A relaxing 45-minute walk on a trail will take you to the top of the marvelous volcano, from where the caldera can be viewed. Upon returning from the hike, you will visit the Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Centre to meet five different species of giant tortoises. Meander through its beautiful gardens, admiring the native plants that showcase the versatility of the Galapagos Island’s biosphere. Lunch is served upon your return to The Beagle, and afterwards, you are welcome to swim in one of the Coves of Villamil Port. In the afternoon the boat will begin traveling toward Puerto Ayora.

Day Eight: Tuesday - Twin Craters (Santa Cruz ) / Return to Mainland (Baltra) (B)

Departing visitors will go to the Baltra Airport, however before take off all guests will enjoy a final fantastic group excursion. Travelling together by bus to the 30-meter deep Gemelos craters, located in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, this is a great place to see the Galapagos hawk and barn owl. Embarking on a route through an amazing forest full of birds and incredible animals, you will reach a most extraordinary view, contrasting lush vegetation, empty beaches and arid lowlands found on the island. After this incredible vista, you will return to the airport, knowing that you have made the absolute most of a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands.

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  • Please choose your destination country. You can choose more than one.
  • How much budget do you have per person including accommodation , transportations , local flights , activities / excursions. Give us an idea
  • Please give us more details about which activities would you like to do at your destination. What would make this your dream trip ?
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