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Amazon River Cruises – A Luxury Adventure!

Cruise through the incredible Amazon in Peru & Ecuador
Pie Experiences / Amazon River Cruises – A Luxury Adventure!

Explore the most biodiverse environment in the world aboard comfortable amazon river cruises

Cruise down the calm waters of the continent’s most famous natural landmark, the Amazon River, on an amazon river cruises while watching pink river dolphins, cayman, and anacondas in their natural habitat. The Amazon is the source of a multitude of wildlife, with its very own eco system and it will be an unique experience to take on of the amazon river cruises. South America’s jewel in the crown offers an abundance of rich experiences which will stay with you for ever. Unwind and learn about one of the worlds most fascinating jungles. Experience this ecological masterpiece first hand and become one of the lucky few to say “I cruised down the Amazon.”


Introduction to our Amazon River Cruises

For David Livingstone Types

The Amazon rainforest is huge, about half the land mass of the contiguous United States, or the continent of Europe. It’s home to over half the world’s plant and animal species. If it crawls, climbs, howls or bites, it or one of its relatives can probably be found in the Amazon rainforest.

But if it can’t be found in the Amazon Rainforest, it can probably be found nearby in the Amazon River. The Amazon River is huge too. Exploring either one of these used to require a David Livingstone-esque level of fortitude and derring-do; without an aversion to: spiders; insects; snakes; piranhas; monkeys; crocodiles; cannibals. Exploring the Amazon in this manner is actually still possible. If you are in a very small minority of special individuals.

For the rest of us

For the rest of us who do not fancy hacking our way through arachnid-infested undergrowth and checking out boots for scorpions every morning, one option to explore this incredible biopshere is from the comfort of a luxury Amazon River cruise ship. Instead of catching and frying tarantulas over an open fire, why not enjoy gourmet meals on a state-of-the-art modern cruise ship prepared in a real kitchen by professional gourmet chefs? All this as the banks of the Amazon River slip by.

The Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon River is home to a thriving indigenous community that still live largely as their ancestors did, untouched by the march of civilisation, and with as varied and amazing flora and fauna as you will see anywhere along the simply enormous Amazon River. You don’t need to sleep with insects and dine with monkeys to see it. You can sleep each night in a state room and relax each evening in a lounge bar. You don’t need to leave comfort behind to see the Amazon. You can do it with an Amazon River cruise.


What to Expect on an Amazon River Cruise

An Amazon River Cruise first entails a flight to the embarkation point. Because the embarkation is deep within the Amazon rainforest – you can’t just get a taxi there. The tour operator will pick you up from the airport and transfer you either to your hotel if the departure is for the following day, or direct to the cruise liner. From there you step foot onto luxury.

Once on board, you will be proffered delicious drinks and snacks and shown to your rooms. The cruise liner generally navigates the Amazon River during the night, so that when you awake to an Amazonian sunrise and the shrieks of the jungle, you are already at your destination. Each day, a variety of activities will be arranged for you, from jungle exploration to meeting indigenous communities.


Best time of Year to go on an Amazon River Cruise

There are two seasons for the Amazon River in Peru and Ecuador. The high-water season is December through to May, and the low-water season is from June until November. There is not a great deal of different between the two. It will rain in the rainforest no matter what the season. It receives 3.6m / 12ft of rainfall annually, and 200 days of rainfall. So most likely you will get rained on at some point. But the rain is more akin to passing showers and rarely last all day.


High-Water Season (December – May)

These months are summer and autumn in the southern hemisphere. The higher water level opens up new opportunities for exploration as the deeper Amazon becomes more accessible. The rivers and streams rise about 7m / 23ft and become more navigable. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius / 87 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is that in the high-water season you can venture further and get closer to the shimmering, scampering, fluttering heart of the Amazon. The downside is that hiking routes get submerged, and mosquitoes and biting insects come out to play.

Low-Water Season (June – November)

Corresponding with winter, this season is actually hotter, with average temperatures at 37 degrees Celsius / 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The main advantage, as noted in the paragraph above, is greater opportunities to venture on foot into the Amazon. Migratory birds are more prevalent and fishing is better (including piranhas).

If you want to get up close with mammals and birds and mammals, without too much walking, the high-water season is best for you. If jungle trekking expeditions appeal to you, then the low-water season would suit.


The Different Cruise Ships

PIE Experiences offer three cruises with three different cruise ships.

La Perla – A 14 cabin river cruise ship, all cabins offering air-con and private bathroom. Its facilities include outdoor and indoor bar lounges, dining room and observation deck.

Aria – This 45m / 147ft river cruise ship has 16 Design Suites of 23 square metres and is the height of luxury. It features indoor and outdoor lounge bars, outdoor Jacuzzi, exercise room, massage room, observation deck and a boutique.

Anakonda – 45m / 148ft luxury river cruise ship with various amenities such as a lounge room, a spa, an observation deck, boutique and dining room.