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Cruise through the incredible Amazon in Peru & Ecuador
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Explore the most biodiverse environment aboard the Amazon River Cruises

Come experience the Amazon comfortably from its waters! Maybe you’d like to take a break from roughing it out in the rainforests, or maybe trekking in the wilderness simply isn’t your thing. Then hop aboard the Amazon River Cruise for a smooth sailing ride while observing pink river dolphins, caymans, anacondas, and many other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Come Aboard our Amazon River Cruises

The Amazon rainforest is home to over half the world’s plant and animal species. The Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon River is home to a thriving indigenous community that still live largely as their ancestors did, untouched by the march of civilisation. Exploring these rivers on your own would leave you vulnerable to all kinds of spiders, insects, snakes, piranhas, crocodiles; many of which could bite, sting, or attack.

If you don’t fancy the risk of snakes creeping into your sleeping bags or scorpions sneaking in your boots, an excellent option to explore this incredible biosphere is from the comfort of an Amazon River Cruise Ship. Relax on a deck chair as the amazingly varied flora and fauna pass you by. Enjoy gourmet meals on a ship, prepared in a real kitchen by professional gourmet chefs. End your days by lounging at the bar.

With Amazon River Cruises, you can have a fully pleasurable Amazon experience.


Best time of Year for an Amazon River Cruise

There are two seasons for the Amazon River in Peru and Ecuador. The high-water season is December through to May, and the low-water season is from June until November. There is not a great deal of difference between the two. It will rain in the rainforest no matter what the season. It receives 3.6m / 12ft of rainfall annually, and 200 days of rainfall. So most likely you will get rained on at some point. But the rain is more akin to passing showers and rarely last all day.

If you want to get up close with mammals and birds and mammals, without too much walking, the high-water season is best for you. If jungle trekking expeditions appeal to you, then the low-water season would suit.

Best Amazon River Cruises 2019

Cruise down the calm waters of the continent’s most famous natural landmark, the Amazon River, on an amazon river cruises while watching pink river dolphins, cayman, and anacondas in their natural habitat. The Amazon is the source of a multitude of wildlife, with its very own eco system and it will be an unique experience to take on of the amazon river cruises.

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