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Bolivia Luxury travel

Discover the highlights of Bolivia
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Bolivia Luxury travel


per person

With just eight days, you can explore the best of Bolivia on this private tour. You can experience a Salar de Uyuni tour, the world’s biggest salt flat, and literally just observe the memorable landscapes that the dry alpine of Bolivia has for you. Admire the elegant flamingos stirring up mud and eating the delicious delights found in the lakes. Along the journey, you will visit the Potosí silver mines, and explore a mine that sparked the greed in Latin America and claimed the lives of about 8 million people. Additionally, this famous Cerro Rico and visit one of the first National Mints in South America.

Highlights of  Bolivia Luxury Tour: 

Experience La Paz, the highest world capital, and enjoy the unique challenge of its altitude at your own pace.

Be mesmerized by 360-degree panoramic views of Salar de Uyuni where you will see beautiful flora and fauna everywhere.

Delve into the fascinating history of Potosí and the Cerro Rico silver mines during colonial times.

See elegant flamingos and their huge nesting colonies in their natural habitat at the National Reserve.



Itinerary Overview

Please reference the “Tour Plan” tab for the complete Highlights of Bolivia tour.

Day 1 | La Paz: Spend your first day in Bolivia exploring the world’s highest capital city

Day 2 | La Paz to Uyuni: Venture to Uyuni where you will experience the otherwordly Uyuni salt flats. Activities include a visit to the Train Cemetery, the small village of Colchani to learn about mining history, and Incahuasi Island before spending the night in a salt hotel.

Day 3 | Uyuni to Siloli Desert: Head toward the Siloli Desert, passing through Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve on the way. Experience salt lakes, flamingo colonies, and more before a restful night at the Tayka Desert Hotel.

Day 4 | Siloli Desert: Spend the day exploring the desert, from the Dali Desert to Laguna Colorada, before returning to the exclusive Cristal Samaña in Uyuni.

Day 5 | Potosí: Enjoy lunch in the picturesque Cayara Hacienda – one of the oldest inhabitable houses in South America – before exploring Potosi and it’s rich mining history. Spend the night in Cayara Hacienda.

Day 6 | Potosí to Sucre: Explore the famous mining town with a Potosi walking tour including the Church of San Lorenzo and La Casa de Moneda. From there, you will travel to Sucre for a stay in an ornate 18th century home.

Day 7 | Sucre to La Paz: Wander Bolivia’s most beautiful city before returning to La Paz by plane. In the afternoon, explore the Witch’s Market and the Moon Valley before a comfortable final night in La Paz.

Day 8 | La Paz: Depart La Paz or continue exploring the city independently.

8 days
  • Departure
    La Paz - Bolivia / La Paz - Bolivia
  • Departure Time
    Any time
  • Include
    Domestic flights
    Tour guide
    Activities described in the itinerary
  • Not Included
    Travel Insurance

Day One: Visiting La Paz - The World's Highest Capital City

La Paz trips in Bolivia Once you arrive at the international airport of La Paz, you’ll be driven to your cozy hotel located in the emblematic heritage district of the city. En route, you’ll witness the vastness of this great and beautiful city, which becomes more and more cosmopolitan each day. You will have the rest of the day to enjoy La Paz at your own pace, and if you wish we highly recommend some places to visit according to your interests. Overnight in Hotel in La Paz

Day Two: Touch the sky at the Uyuni Salt Flat

Salar de Uyuni trips After a good night’s rest, your adventure will start as you journey toward the city of Uyuni, visiting the biggest Salt Flat in the world. Your first stop will be visiting the Train Cemetery, where you can see abandoned engines and hollowed out rail cars that have been stripped back to their skeleton frames. Once making up a part of the railway lines that connected Uyuni and Antofagasta (now Chilean territory), the trains transported minerals like tin, silver and even gold. When Bolivia lost its coastline to Chile 1904, access to the Pacific Ocean was lost, meaning that its railway line was affected enormously. A visit to the ‘train cemetery’ is one of the most interesting options for the passionate traveler who enjoys seeing the remains of recent historical changes.   You will be visiting the small town of Colchani, where you can learn more about Uyuni’s mining past and its current artisanal salt production. Entering the amazing Uyuni Salt Flat, you will visit the Museo de Sal and if the season is right (December to March) you will be able to see fantastic optical illusions, visiting the “Ojos de Agua” (eyes of water), salt eruptions, learning about the development of this huge salt lake.   At noon, you will reach Incahuasi Island in the middle of the Salt Flat. Take in calcareous rocks, large populations of cactus, local fauna and spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the Salt Flat from the summit of this outcrop of land. Continuing north of the salt flat, we’ll visit a local museum, the home of pre-Columbian mummies. Spend a night sleeping in the Salt Hotel called Tayka De Sal. This unique hotel, the very best of its kind in the Salt Flats, is located at 3,700m.a.s.l, at the foot of the Thunupa Volcano. With every possible facility needed so you can enjoy a pleasant night, enjoy heating, a private bathroom and hot water to ensure a comfortable night’s stay. Overnight Tayka de Sal Hotel

Day Three: Drive into the wilderness of the Siloli Desert

Siloli desert in Uyuni trip Leaving the Salt Flat behind, you will travel along the volcanic mountain range with its eternal snow en route to Lípez. Observe from a distance the Chilean Ollagüe Volcano, noting the constant plume of steam that arises from its summit. Your eyes will be delighted by the great richness offered by the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve, distinguishing itself with vast, cold deserts and salty lakes that come from the reserve’s glaciers, wetlands and bogs. One special tourist attraction are the huge flamingo nesting colonies, graceful and serene in their huge numbers. Watch these animals in their natural habitat before taking your rest at the Tayka Hotel Desert, located in the magnificent landscapes of the Siloli desert. Overnight Tayka Desert Hotel

Day Four: Feel out of this world with a touch of Salvador Dali surroundings

Lagunas altiplanicas in Bolivia Today you’ll rise early, starting the tour at approximately 5:30. You’ll be exploring the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve, arriving at the smoky and noisy geysers of “Sol de Mañana”. Bathe in the hot springs before continuing our trip through the reserve. Take in the panoramic view of the Dali Desert, where columns of stones sculpted by the wind resemble the work of this famous painter. You’ll be taking time to visit out of this world, salt filled Laguna Verde (Green Lake), at the foot of Licancabur volcano. With its convention beating temperatures, prepare to be taken aback by the deep colours of the lake.   Taking the road back, you will visit the Laguna Colorada (The Red Lake), given brown and intense red colors by the algae and plankton in the water. Another main flamingo-nesting site, it’s possible to observe three kinds of flamingos from the region: James, Andino and Chileno   In the afternoon you will be walking around Rocks Valley, where giant volcanic rocks tower between 8 to 15 meters high. Our last stop will be San Cristóbal village, moved from its original site to its current location to accommodate one the biggest mines in Bolivia. At the end of the afternoon, you will return to Uyuni, where you’ll be staying in Cristal Samaña, the most exclusive hotel in the city. Made 100% of slat, the hotel offers a unique lodging experience in this fantastic landscape. Overnight in Hotel Samaña in Uyuni

Day Five: Indulge in the opulent Cayara Hacienda, one of the continent’s oldest residencies

Potosi luxury tour Early in the morning, you will board your private transportation towards Cayara. Located in an exceptional valley at 3550m above sea level, the Cayara Hacienda is an old commandery, dating back to the year 1557. You’ll be lucky enough to stay in this museum and hotel, learning more about its history in an environment surrounded by willows and vegetation. A place considered to be one of the oldest inhabitable houses in the continent; you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch in this amazing hacienda before heading to the city of Potosí and its famous Cerro Rico. You will learn about the history of the mine that made Spain rich and observe how miners still obtain minerals today. Return to the Hacienda at the end of the day. Overnight in Cayara - Potosi

Day Six:Understand the rich mining history of Potosi

Potosi mines tour In the morning you will begin with a walking tour through the city of Potosí. One of the most important cities of the continent during colonial times, Potosi was one of the main silver extraction points deep inside the “Cerro Rico” mountain. We will visit “La Casa de la Moneda”, a museum that has worked for many years as the main silver coin production centre for the Spanish colony. Here we can see and imagine the sad history of the coin production process, enabled by the enslavement of both local people and African men and women.   Continue on, observing the front of the Church of San Lorenzo known for the beauty of its baroque-mestizo decoration. Admire the Pavilion of Royal Officers and Santa Teresa Convent Church, made completely of stone, and end at the Main Square called “Plaza 10 de Noviembre”, where you can see the exteriors of the Cathedral Saint Basilica. In the afternoon, you will be privately transported towards the city of Sucre.   Upon your arrival you will be driven to the Parador Santa Maria Real Hotel. An 18th century stately home; Parador Santa Maria La Real Hotel is a truly opulent lodging. The hotel and its rooms are carefully decorated with furniture, art and artifacts that evoke a bygone era in Sucre’s history – when wealthy mining moguls and Spanish aristocracy called the city home. Overnight in Sucre

Day Seven : Exploring Sucre, before returning to La Paz

Sucre city tour in Bolivia

Cityscape of Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre is arguably Bolivia’s most beautiful city. The city has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site to protect its many pristine and historically significant buildings, and you will no doubt fall in love with the place during your free morning exploring this charming city. You will then be transferred to the airport to take your flight back to La Paz, where in the afternoon, you and your tour guide will explore the “Witche’s market” where you will find traditional remedies and witchcraft to offer to “Pachamama”, or Mother Earth.   Finally, you will travel to the southern part of the city to get to Moon Valley, a natural area formed due to the erosion and clay composition of the soil. Wind and rain have created a valley filled with stalagmites that you will peruse before returning to your hotel. Overnight in La Paz

Day Eight :Farewell to Bolivia

La paz city tour in Bolivia Today you will leave authentic and beautiful Bolivia. We hope you take great memories with you, moments captured of new culture and landscapes witnessed during this trip. Depending of your international flight time, we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the airport.

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  • Please choose your destination country. You can choose more than one.
  • How much budget do you have per person including accommodation , transportations , local flights , activities / excursions. Give us an idea
  • Please give us more details about which activities would you like to do at your destination. What would make this your dream trip ?
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