Visit Patagonia – Ultimate Travel Guide

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17 Aug

Visit Patagonia – Ultimate Travel Guide

Welcome to our Patagonia Travel Guide. Visit Patagonia with us and discover why this beguiling place on earth should find a spot on your travel bucket list. Patagonia is a land that offers unforgettable and unique experiences. So, it is a source of inspiration for writers, explorers and scientists alike.

Visit Patagonia to feel the mystic power of nature. Experience the end-of-the-world feeling that pervades its untamed wilderness and the many villages and towns. Finally, travel slowly through this magical land and prepare to be astonished by Mother Nature on an epic scale.

Why visit Patagonia?

torres del paine guanaco chilean patagonia trekking wildlife

Guanaco in Torres Del Paine National Park

It is quite difficult to establish where Patagonia begins. It extends over 400,000 square miles spanning over two countries, Chile and Argentina. The Andes bisect the region on the western side creating an array of diverse and exceptional landscapes. Patagonia can be challenging but also extremely rewarding. It’s home to some of the most ancient ice fields in the world, azure lagoons, vertical peaks and temperate rainforests.

Patagonia has it for all. Come here for memorable hiking, spotting marine wildlife or driving along deserted highways. Visit lush and awe-inspiring national parks or experience the estancia lifestyle as a gaucho. Furthermore, unleash the adventure seeker inside you. Climbing, rafting, kayaking, just pick your favourite. If adrenaline is not your thing, just explore the Andes on the back of a horse. Be sure that local cowboys will make your exploration one hard to forget.

Which part to visit? Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia

torres del paine chilean patagonia chile trekking cerro paine grande

One of the many streams in Torres Del Paine National Park

Argentinian or the Chilean side? Whatever you pick, the different sceneries will make your visit worth it. The southern part of the Andes runs roughly along the border between the two countries. Hence, the cordillera divides two very different geological and geographical areas.

Argentinian Patagonia is mostly characterised by empty spaces, steppes and ranching countryside. It starts at Rio Negro going south to the magical island of Tierra Del Fuego. The Atlantic coast is the perfect place to experience abundant marine life. So, a trip along the Ruta Azul is perfect for spotting whales, penguins, sea lions and orcas . Head inland instead to explore gauchos’ paradise with pampas and never ending horizons. Moreover, the northern part has a much greener landscape, with Bariloche acting as the main touristic hub.

On the other side of the Andes, Chilean Patagonia is mainly islands, fjords and channels. With a humid and wet climate, the region has amazing parks, lush rainforests and ancient glaciers. Trek along mountain paths teeming with life or cruise the pacific coast on board of luxury ships. In addition, for a completely different experience, drive along the famous Carretera Austral. Pass vertiginous peaks and cross green and pastoral valleys.

When to go

View of Torres Del Paine National Park

Patagonia is a vast region so conditions can drastically change across plains, mountains and forests. However, the best season to visit Patagonia is summer, which goes from December to March.
Summer means mild climate with an average temperature of 15 degrees but expect rather strong winds. This is the perfect time to hike parks like Torres Del Paine, which shut during winter.

Spring and autumn have slightly cooler temperature and winds are less harsh. Nevertheless, during these times landscapes take on fantastic and magical colours. Therefore, visit in autumn to shoot perfect and inspiring photographs. Winter, which goes from June to September, has less crowds and bluer skies. As a result, roads and passes can close because of heavy snowfalls.

How to get there

With the increasing number of tourists, it has become considerably easy visiting Patagonia. However, since the long distances, is advisable to get there by plane. During tourist season, from Santiago there are daily flights to Punta Arenas and three-weekly to Puerto Natales.

From Buenos Aires, on the other hand, there are daily flights to El Calafate and Ushuahia. Unfortunately there are no flights that connect the main Chilean ports with the Argentinian counterparts, but the crossing can be done easily by bus or by boat.

What to do

Trek along otherworldly sceneries in Torres Del Paine National Park

visit patagonia torres del paine national park lake skottsberg cerro paine grande

View of the Lake Sköttsberg and Cerro Paine Grande

A trip to Chilean Patagonia cannot be completed without a visit to Torres Del Paine National Park. Trek one of the many circuits available depending on the time at your disposal. The paths wind along the shore of incredible turquoise lakes and pass through ghostly windswept forests. Also, for a full experience, do not miss Glacier Grey and hike up to the mind-blowing El Mirador Las Torres.

Walk among ice cathedrals at Perito Moreno Glacier

lago Argentino el calafate

View of Lago Argentino from El Calafate

The star of Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno is one of the largest glaciers in the world. A short bus ride from El Calafate, take in the incredible views from a platform or boat. Also, try to shoot the big chunks of ice constantly falling into the milky freezing water. Moreover, for a close up look, book a tour, grab a pair of iron crampons and trek on ice.

Gaze in awe at the toothy Mount Fitz Roy in El Chaltén

Los Glaciares National Park Mirador Laguna de los Tres Mount Fitz Roy Argentina

View of Mount Fitz Roy and the blue Laguna De Los Tres

Head to the north of Los Glaciares National Park and walk the paths around the charming village of El Chaltén. The most popular trek leads to the immense view of Mount Fitz Roy. It sits among other granite spears on top of the cobalt blue Laguna de Los Tres. In addition, try spotting the elusive huemules or Andean deer on their daily rounds. Finally, just chill out in one of the lively pubs in the town centre.

Breath in Antarctic air in Tierra del Fuego

Head to the southernmost part of the continent and hit ‘the end of the World’, Tierra del Fuego. Walking the streets of Ushuaia and strolling its glacial beaches is a unique and memorable experience. If that is not enough, you can always hop on a boat and travel towards the magical Antartica.

Leave for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip along the Ruta 40

estancia ruta 40 Argentinian Patagonia

A typical Argentinian estancia along the Ruta 40

With its 5224 kilometres, Ruta 40 is one of the most famous roads on earth. Traversing Argentina from north to south, a trip along this route will give you unforgettable memories. Desolate landscapes, barren steppes and out of the ordinary sunsets will haunt you for days. Stop at Lago Nahuel Huapi, at la Cueva de Las Manos or stay at a typical estancia along the road.

Relax on board a ship while cruising the fjords of the Pacific coast

Puerto Natales chilean Patagonia ultima esperanza costanera

View of the Ultima Esperanza gulf from Puerto Natales

Opt for another point of view. Board a Chilean cruise ship and visit Patagonia in style and luxury. Against a backdrop of vertical peaks, the pacific coast is a meander of fjords, tiny islands and crystalline blue glaciers. So, just relax and let the calm Patagonian waters lull you under the dome of an austral sky.

Feel unique vibes in the picturesque San Carlos de Bariloche

Dubbed as the St Moritz of Argentina, the colonial town of Bariloche offers impressive lake views and countless activities. Come here to follow the steps of Che Guevara’s journey through Latin America, for amazing cabalgatas or fish for trout. Moreover, Bariloche is also home to the most famous (and delicious) Argentinian chocolate. So, when are you booking your stay?

Where to stay

San Carlos de Bariloche

Llao Lllao Hotel & Resort

Lllao Llao is a five star resort featuring a 18-hole golf course, Spa, heated infinity swimming pool and more. Enjoy the private beach on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

El Casco Art Hotel

El Casco is a boutique hotel with a sophisticated and arty atmosphere. In fact, the venue hosts more than 400 works from the most influential Argentinian artists.

Cabañas Puerto Pireo

For secluded lake views and unique activities do not hesitate to book your stay at this aparthotel. Choose either private amazing cabañas or impressive suites.

Bungalows Buena Vista

The bungalows at this resort come with private equipped kitchen, Jacuzzi and fireplace. In addition, they all have incredible views of the surrounding cerros and Isla Victoria

El Calafate

Eolo – Patagonia Spirit

Set in a traditional estancia, this charming hotel combines single structures of creole houses with modern architecture. While here, enjoy the restaurant and the swimming pool.

Design Suites Calafate

Wood and stone combine harmoniously together in this unique resort. So, treat yourself and book a room with incredible views over the azure Lago Argentino.

Los Ponchos Apart Boutique

Enjoy the views of a serene English garden while having breakfast or reading a book. Just minutes away from Perito Moreno Glacier.

El Chaltén

Eco Domes Patagonia

Leave your phone and social media updates behind and get closer to the amazing Patagonian nature. Rest at this luxurious and eco-friendly resort.

Don Los Cerros

Ideally located in the town centre, this boutique hotel doesn’t lack charm. In addition, check out the extensive selection of Spa services on offer.

Puerto Natales

Indigo Patagonia

This hotel fuse together an eco lodge atmosphere with modern comforts of an upscale resort. It is positioned right on the Costanera. Hence, it has incredible views of the Almirante Montt Gulf.

Remota Patagonia Lodge

Remota is situated out of town for a serene and contemplative stay. It is designed by the award-winning architect German del Sol and inspired by the traditional sheep sheering sheds.

Altiplanico Sur

Relax at this boutique hotel listening to the waves in the gulf of Ultima Esperanza. Check out the popular restaurant, which fuses French, Peruvian and Chilean flavours.

Ecocamp Patagonia

Right in the heart of Torres Del Paine. Eco-sustainability and cultural preservation are the main goals of this domes-camp . All of this without renouncing your modern comforts.

What to pack

When you visit Patagonia you can easily experience four seasons in a single day. So, better leave prepared and well equipped. If you plan treks, travel around with a rainproof backpack as much as rainproof gear. Hence, make sure you take sturdy walking shoes, a windbreaker jacket and a scarf. Always wear many different layers. Furthermore, since the sun can be quite strong, pack a hat, sunglasses and sun cream to protect your skin.

Contact us for more information, or customise your unique Patagonian tour.

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