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A boat navigating the Tambopata river during sunrise in the Amazon rainforest in Peru.
21 Apr

Ecotourism in the Amazon – Learn, Relax, Discover

Ecotourism in the Amazon is thriving and offers lots of possibilities for adventure.

Explore the depths of this wild ecosystem while supporting Amazon preservation and the local communities.

Observe wildlife and explore the jungle with expert scientists conducting groundbreaking research in the field.

Furthermore, take part in excursions that will teach you all about the plants and animals in this immaculate area.

These fabulous ‘ecotourism in the Amazon’ experiences are possible due to our partners, Rainforest Expeditions.

Rainforest Expeditions Research

Rainforest Expeditions is an ecotourism group dedicated to sustaining the Amazon.

Hence the group supports scientific research, helps to develop local communities and educates visitors on the world’s most vital and diverse ecosystem.

This ambitious mission began in 1989, when the first ecotourism lodge was built in partnership with the local community.

The local community shares in revenue from the lodge, which assists with development initiatives.

And the lodge itself is used to employ and educate the local workforce.

Additionally, the lodge provides an amazing opportunity for tourists to have a safe, fun, and authentic experience in the Amazon.

Now, due to the substantial success of this sustainable model, there are three lodges providing this great opportunity – with more lodges on the way.

There is a wide range of Rainforest Expeditions jungle activities.

All of these activities are fun and informative adventures deep within the jungle.

You’ll also find the lodges situated in the wild depths of the forest, as conditions there are best for conducting research.

As a result providing a more authentic jungle experience, full of wildlife encounters!

Ecotourism in the Amazon – Tours & Activities

Your journey begins with your tour guide there to greet you at the airport.

Each tour guide comes hand-picked and highly trained, in order to ensure your tour is fun, safe and interesting.

Initially, you will take a short car ride through the jungle to a riverbank and, once there, you will embark on a scenic boat far down the river to your lodge.

The moment you step foot on the trail you will see an abundance of wildlife – there is never a dull moment on any of our Amazon tours. 

On arrival at the lodge, you are greeted with refreshments.

Of course, the lodge manager will welcome you also and tell you all there is to know about the lodge.

As you will learn, All the lodges are sustainable and ecofriendly.

From there, the adventure begins!

Your tour itineraries will be customized for you, with a private tour guide to accompany you every step of the way.

You will also have plenty of opportunities at the lodge to relax, meet fellow travelers, and chat with the research team to learn more about their work!


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Here is a short video of my ecotourism in the Amazon adventure. Feel free to leave any questions and comments below. Enjoy!


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