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Luxury Peru Train Vacations: Onboard the Belmond Andean Explorer

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26 Jun

Luxury Peru Train Vacations: Onboard the Belmond Andean Explorer

Taking a journey on the Belmond Andean Explorer is by far one of the most beautiful travel trips you could choose to experience.

This luxury train is perfect to show off the incredible colours of Peru, to take in sacred sites such as Lake Titicaca, and to holiday in style.


The Belmond Andean Explorer: South America’s first sleeper train

There are many different options for train travel in Peru, yet there nothing is quite like the luxury of the Belmond Andean Explorer.

With spacious cabins, decadent furnishings, a piano bar, library and observation carriages (plus delicious food prepared by incredible chefs), it really is something else.

As a result, you will experience the best of Peru in utmost comfort, luxury and style.

The Belmond Andean Explorer travels through many different areas of South America including Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa and Puno.

In addition, it offers unrivalled luxury for the discerning traveller and is a must-do for anyone looking to experience the best South America has to offer.

Belmond Andean Explorer routes and departures

Departure options vary, with passengers able to join or start the tour in Cusco, Arequipa and Puno.

So you can choose to begin from the former capital of the Incas, or perhaps take a relaxing ride back from Lake Titicaca – it is completely up to you.

While each tour offers the same high quality standard, different travel experiences are available depending on which area you decide to visit.


Peruvian Highlands: Departs every Thursday morning from the Cusco station.

Andean Plains and Islands of Discovery: Departs every Saturday night from the Arequipa station.

Spirit of the Water: Departs every Tuesday morning from the Cusco station.

Spirit of the Andes: Departs every Wednesday at midday from the Puno station.

Belmond Andean Explorer train

The Spirit of the Andes travel tour – (2 days)

Route : Puno- Cusco 

Departing every Wednesday at lunchtime (12pm), embark on the Belmond Andean Explorer in Puno.

You may wish to relax in your luxurious cabin for several hours before disembarking the train briefly to view the La Raya mountain range.

Because this is an area of rugged and untamed natural beauty, you will want to keep your camera handy.

Most importantly, return to the train for afternoon tea before enjoying a delicious meal prepared for you by world-renowned chef Diego Muñoz.


Day 1

Begin your journey in Puno, a charming town next to Lake Titicaca.

Soon you will be invited to one of the two decadent restaurant cars for lunch where exquisite Andean cuisine awaits.

Later on, disembark for an excursion through the scenic La Raya mountain range and then return to the train for tea and time at leisure.

Soak up the scenery from the Observation Car, or perhaps get to know your fellow travellers over cocktails in the Lounge Car.

As evening descends, return to the restaurant car for a sensational dinner while the train continues on its journey into the Cusco region.

Day 2

Awake early to a delicious breakfast, because this is the ideal way to prepare for the day ahead.

Savour panoramic views as the train journeys into Cusco, a colourful city that was once the capital of the Inca empire.

Spirit of the Water  (2 days)

Route : Cusco – Puno 

Cusco Churche

The Spirit of the Water journey departs every Tuesday morning and cruises through from Cusco to the sacred Lake Titicaca.


Day 1

Board the train in Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.

Enter your private cabin and take the time to settle in or explore the various relaxation areas.

Since you’ll want to watch the spectacular scenery unfold, perhaps head to the Observation Car and order a classic pisco sour.

Later on, relax in the dining cart and be spoilt with refined Andean specialties served with contemporary flair.

As the afternoon continues, disembark for an excursion to Raqch’i.

Because it was once a defensive stronghold of the Inca Empire, today Raqch’i is a captivating archaeological site brimming with history.

Return to the train for afternoon tea while your journey southeast continues.

Then, as evening descends, you can savour a picturesque sunset framed by the majestic La Raya mountains.

Continuing to Lake Titicaca station, enjoy a delicious dinner on board.

Complete your evening in the Lounge Car by trading stories with your fellow travellers before consequently retiring to the comfort of your cabin.

Day 2

Wake early and take in a spectacular scene as the sun rises across Lake Titicaca.

This is followed by a beautiful breakfast on board.

In addition, passengers can also add tours of Lake Titicaca, including the islands of Uros and Taquile, for an additional fee.

Peruvian Highlands travel tour (3 days)

Route: Cusco – Lake Titicaca – Arequipa

Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru.

This incredible tour takes you from the famous (former) Inca capital to one of the most sacred sites, Lake Titicaca, before finishing in the beautiful ‘White City’ of Arequipa.


Day 1

Board the Belmond Andean Explorer in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire.

Settle down and unwind in your luxurious cabin while you head towards Puno.

Enjoy a quick visit to Raqch’i – previously an important control point for the Incas.

Soak up the sensational sunset over La Raya Mountain range before enjoying an elegant dinner on board due the presence of renowned and talented chefs.

The train rests in Lake Titicaca for the night.

Day 2

Awake early to catch the breathtaking sunrise across Lake Titicaca before enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Explore the eclectic beauty and rich diversity of life on the lake.

You will also take a traditional boat ride out to the Uros Islands; stunning man-made lands carefully created from woven reeds.

Continue on to Taquile island, a beautiful island with a way of life barely touched by time.

Dine in style with a private lunch on Collata Beach while you enjoy demonstrations from traditional dancers and artisanal workers.

Return to the train for tea as your journey continues on to Arequipa.

In the afternoon, take the opportunity to disembark and find out more about this stunning city, considered one of the most important settlements in Peru.

Returning to the train for one more of Diego Muñoz’s delicious dinners, you then retire to your cabin for a restful night.

Day 3

Enjoy breakfast before setting off on an early-morning excursion to the beautiful Lake Lagunillas.

Afterwards, visit Sumbay Caves, the home of fascinating cave paintings estimated to be almost 8000 years old.

Return to the train for lunch as the journey continues to Arequipa.

Please note: This information about accommodation options and itineraries for the various journeys of the Belmond Andean Explorer has been sourced from the The Belmond Andean Explorer website.

Therefore, while correct at the time of publishing, these itineraries are subject to change.

There are other options for passengers to leave the train early at Cañahuas and continue on to explore Colca Canyon.

So, if you require more specific information on the itinerary or further details about the trains, you can visit Belmond.com or contact us direct.

Andean Plains and Islands of Discovery tour (3 days)

Route : Arequipa -Lake Titicaca – Cusco

Volcano El Misti overlooks the city Arequipa in southern Peru.

Volcano El Misti overlooks the city Arequipa in southern Peru. Arequipa is the second most populous city of the country.


Day 1

Departing Thursday mornings, you start this luxurious Peru vacation at the famous ‘white city’, boarding the train in Arequipa.

Take some time to get comfortable and relax as you begin your journey towards Puno.

Relax and savour refined Andean dishes served with contemporary flair in the dining carts.

In addition, after dinner, you can head to the bar car to enjoy a cocktail and get to know your fellow travellers.

Day 2

Awake early to a delicious breakfast and experience pure delight due to witnessing the sunrise across Lake Titicaca.

Then, in the afternoon, explore this beautiful lake which is home to many diverse islands, each boasting a unique way of life.

You will also take a traditional boat to the man-made islands of Uros, constructed from interwoven reeds which are used as a staple in homes, ships and tools.

Continue your exploration to Taquile Island, renowned for it’s beautiful handwoven fabrics and agricultural terraces.

Enjoy lunch at Collata beach, followed by a delightful performance from local dancers and a demonstration of artisans at work.

Day 3

Enjoy an amazing breakfast with stunning views as the train sets off from Marangani before stopping for a day excursion at Raqchi’i (once an important Inca settlement).

In conclusion, to finish your luxury Peru travel adventure, you will enjoy the cultural mecca of Cusco.

Luxury Belmond Andean Explorer

South America’s first luxury sleeper train: the Belmond Andean Explorer. Passing through La Raya, Peru, during its journey between Arequipa, Lake Titicaca and Cusco.






Train journey from Cusco to Puno - Luxury Belmond Andean Explorer



  • Map Belmond Andean Explorer

Accommodation and sleeping options

Since all passengers have different needs, there are a range of accommodation options.

Whether you are travelling with your loved one, your extended family or friends, we can help you find the perfect match.

The Belmond Andean Explorer offers four different types of accommodation for the ultimate luxury Peru vacation.

As a result, all cabins include their own ensuite bathrooms and shower.

The different accommodation options are are as follows:

Deluxe Double Bed Cabins

The largest cabins on board the Belmond Andean Explorer come complete with a plush double bed and a cosy seating area with two chairs and a table.

A long wardrobe provides ample storage, while the spacious bathroom comes with a shower, WC, vanity and pedestal washbasin.

Size :13.1 m2

Belmond andean Explorer


Junior Double Bed Cabins

These cabins come with their own wardrobe, ensuite, shower, wash basin and WC as well as a generous living space.

Book your kids their own room for privacy while you relax in your luxurious space next-door.

Size: 13.1 m2


Twin Bed Cabins

Twin Bed Cabins provide additional space to unwind in.

With a long wardrobe plus an ensuite bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin, during the day they are configured with a long banquette and a comfy seat.

In the evening, the stewards convert this area into two ground-level single beds.

Size: 7.4 m2

Twin bedroom - Belmond andean Explorer

Bunk Bed Cabins

These cosy cabins offer a traditional sleeper train experience.

Store your clothes in the long wardrobe and freshen up in the ensuite bathroom, complete with shower, WC and wash basin.

In the daytime, these cabins feature a long banquette, which in the evening is transformed into upper and lower berth single beds.

Size: 5.5 m2

Bunk bed - Belmond Andean Explorer

Belmond - Andean -Explorer


There are many different relaxation options available for travellers on board the Belmond Andean Explorer.

Like it’s sister train, the Belmond Hiram Bingham, there are various fun activities and relaxation areas on offer to keep passengers amused.

Therefore, you will never be searching for things to do.

So, relax with a wine or a pisco sour in the observation bar, listen to beautiful music, read or enjoy amazing meals courtesy of world renowned chefs.

Furthermore, this unique setting creates social opportunities to connect with fellow travellers.

Folkloric show andean Explorer

Piano Bar Car

A medium grand piano sets the scene to connect with new friends and family while you reminisce over the day’s adventures.

So, sip a delicious cocktail or a wine, enjoy a few laughs and be amazed by the beautiful scenery as you travel through Peru’s spectacular landscapes.

Piano Bar - Belmond Andean Explorer - Peru Luxury train

Observation Car

The Observation Car is the ultimate spot to unwind, while away the hours and let the world pass by.

As a result, you can write, people watch or simply take in the breathtaking scenery as you cruise past.

Observe beautiful colours, wildlife, amazing gorges and, of course, be amazed by the incredible Andes mountain range.

Train Belmond Andean Explorer

A passenger in the observation car as South America’s first luxury sleeper train, Belmond Andean Explorer, moves through the Cusco region of Peru as it journeys between Arequipa, Lake Titicaca and Cusco.


Shoppers will love the boutique shop which sells intricate handmade items and gifts for souvenirs.

Located in the Llama carriage, passengers can buy speciality items from 11am until 7pm daily.


Relax and unwind with the company of a good book.

Located next to the boutique, the library offers a creative selection of reading materials so you can learn about the fascinating history, culture and natural wonders of Peru.

Dining Cars

Food options for South America’s first sleeper train are well thought out.

Hence, the dishes are fresh, colourful and seasonal as well as using only locally sourced ingredients.

Most noteworthy, the menus are designed by chefs from Belmond Hotel Monasterio, Cusco.

Picaflor Spa

No Peru luxury travel vacation would be complete without having access to your own personal spa and private therapist.

Therefore, head over to the Hummingbird carriage and choose from a range of indulgent therapies like deep relaxing massages or facials.

As a result, you can unwind and drift into a deep healing space while your body is cared for by expert consultants using only the finest quality products from the Germaine De Capuccini collection.

There is also plenty of time between stops to take advantage of the spa carriage.

Consequently, it is the perfect space for the typical workaholic to indulge in a little ‘me’ time.

Picaflor Spa - Belmond Andean Explorer

Why we love the Belmond Andean Explorer

There are so many reasons we love the Belmond Andean Explorer.

Here at Pie Experiences, we really believe it’s all about the journey not the destination.

Hence, there is no better way to view the beautiful Peruvian Highlands and to experience incredible food, wine and other delicacies.

The food really is incredible

The Belmond Andean Explorer is known for its amazing food, courtesy of world-renowned creative chef and ambassador of Peruvian cuisine, Diego Muñoz.

Therefore, with his distinctive take on regional classics – drawing inspiration from the rich landscapes of the Peruvian Andes – it is not to be missed.

Room service = wins

When you are on a romantic getaway, sometimes the last thing you want to do is leave your room.

Therefore, we love the fact you can get room service as well if you desire.

Room service Belmond Andean Explorer

It truly is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience

Because visiting unique sites such as Lake Titicaca or Arequipa should be memorable, you don’t want to spend copious amounts of time feeling uncomfortable while in transit.

You want to enjoy every moment on the road to these special destinations.

Hence, why not travel in luxury?

Engaging with others is easy

So often today we are on our phones or using computers instead of communicating with those we love or making new friends with the people around us.

Therefore, one of the things we love the most about the Belmond Andean Explorer is the quality time you have to connect with new friends or loved ones.


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  • Please choose your destination country. You can choose more than one.
  • How much budget do you have per person including accommodation , transportations , local flights , activities / excursions. Give us an idea
  • Please give us more details about which activities would you like to do at your destination. What would make this your dream trip ?
  • Please provide us with your phone number to hear more about your plans in that way we can help you organize your amazing trip.

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