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Comfort, Style & Nature: Luxury Hotels In Sacred Valley

Pie Experiences - Local Tour Operator / Best accommodation in South America  / Comfort, Style & Nature: Luxury Hotels In Sacred Valley
13 Oct

Comfort, Style & Nature: Luxury Hotels In Sacred Valley

A little relaxation and pampering goes a long way on vacation, which is why you will love these incredible luxury hotels in Sacred Valley.

Picture romantic suites, mountain views, candlelit dinners, pampering spa treatments and a host of luxuriating facilities.

Peru’s Sacred Valley, located about 30 kilometres from Cusco, is a treasure trove of natural wonders paired with history, culture, exciting foods and adventures.

Of course, no trip to Peru would be complete without visiting its most famous Inca ruins, Machu Picchu.

Yet, while you might think the Sacred Valley is nothing more than the location of Machu Picchu, we assure you that there is an array of exciting things to do there.

It is also the location of some of the country’s best luxury hotels.

So, whether you are wandering incredible archaeological sites, actively exploring or enjoying authentic cultural activities, you will need somewhere stylish to stay.

Here are our top recommendations for luxury hotels in Sacred Valley.


Luxury Hotels in Sacred Valley

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

If you’re looking for luxury hotels in Sacred Valley, you’ll be enchanted by Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

Named as one of National Geographic’s ‘Unique Lodges of the World’, Inkaterra Hacienda is without doubt one of the best luxury hotels in Sacred Valley.

Designed for sustainability, this contemporary hotel was built with native materials in harmony with the environment.

Furthermore, Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba prides itself on creating the perfect atmosphere for mental, spiritual and physical rest.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Suite at Inkaterra Hacienda.

Enjoy a cosy stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

Inkaterra Hacienda has 12 rooms and 24 stand-alone casitas, each with breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley.

Suites have been inspired by local history and therefore include colonial furniture, Inca masks and handcrafted woodwork.

Rooms include Urubamba SuitesJunior Suites, Urubamba Casitas and Superior Deluxe rooms.

Especially relevant, each of these rooms features a chimney, terrace and panoramic views.

The Superior Deluxe room also has its own living room, dining area and colonial style wardrobe.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Restaurant at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

Dining becomes a wonderful experience at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

The restaurant at Inkaterra Hacienda offers superb views to the surrounding Andes mountains.

Meanwhile, the menu expertly showcases fresh and colorful produce harvested from the property’s organic farm.

In addition, the hotel’s innovative ‘earth to table’ concept encourages guests to pick their own produce from the organic plantation.

Private dining is also available at an additional cost.

Features and activities

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Chef with flaming pan during cooking classes at Inkaterra Hacienda.

Cooking class are one optional activity at Inkaterra Hacienda.

This multi-award winning hotel offers guests a selection of free activities.

These include bird watching, short hikes and visiting the Inkaterra Ecological Farm.

You can also take part in a chicha making class, where you will learn the preparation of the traditional Chicha de Jora.

Optional activities include bike riding, longer hikes and movie nights.

Furthermore, cooking classes and wine tastings can be provided.

Alternatively, you could go all out and enjoy a chef’s table complete with tasting menu and wine pairing.

You can also plan – on special request – a candlelit dinner in the hotel cellar attended by a private butler.

In addition, there are a host of traditional Peruvian experiences, such as pachamanca dining, where your food is cooked underground.

You can also take part in a coca leaf reading or ‘payment to the earth ceremony’ performed by a local shaman.


Belmond Rio Sagrado Hotel

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Belmond Rio Sagrado suite.

When it comes to luxury hotels in Sacred Valley, Belmond Rio Sagrado is one of the best.

Belmond is a well-known name in Peru, famous for luxury and opulence.

Therefore, you will find nothing less in Belmond’s Rio Sagrado Hotel.

Focusing on the wellbeing of its guests, Rio Sagrado offers riverside yoga, horseback riding, a heated pool and Andean-style spa.


Belmond Rio Sagrado provides pleasant suites and villas on raised terraces, with floor to ceiling windows that consequently display the beauty of the Sacred Valley.

Due to the use of natural stone, wood and locally woven furnishings, each offers an inviting ambiance.

Meanwhile, exquisite marble bathrooms and large terraces complete an aura of prosperity.

Sit on your private terrace, glass of wine in hand, as you watch the sun give way to a sky full of stars and feel nothing but utter relaxation.

The hotel’s Deluxe Terrace Rooms are bright, vibrant spaces with scenic views to the Urubamba River.

Each large room comes with one king or two queen-size beds and private flagstone terrace.

Meanwhile, Garden Junior Suites are for those seeking to embrace the colors and essence of Peru.

These grander rooms offer a large private terrace and garden, one king-size or two queen-size beds and, also, a spacious marble bathroom.

However, for the ultimate in excellence, one cannot go past the Rio Sagrado Villas.

These superior villas come complete with full kitchen and dining area, in addition to three large bedrooms and bathrooms.

Due to their spacious floor plan, cosy fireplace and garden access, these divine abodes offer an unparalleled accommodation experience.


Tantalize your tastebuds with an elegant, candlelit dining experience at Rio Sagrado’s El Huerto restaurant.

Dishing up seasonal Andean cuisine, plus some international delights, El Huerto uses locally sourced ingredients.

Many also come directly from the hotel’s garden.

Due to its a tranquil, sun-drenched riverside environment, it is a pleasure to lunch at El Jardin restaurant.

Or, if you are seeking a traditional culinary experience, then you will love dining on a Peruvian pachamanca.

This ancient method of slow cooking involves placing hot stones and food into a pit.

Hence there is nothing quite like feasting on marinated meats and vegetables straight from the smoking earth.

Spa Mayu Willka

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Spa at Belmond Rio Sagrado.

Spa Mayu Willka – Wouldn’t it be great to relax here?

As with any lavish hotel, you will want to spoil yourself with some indulgent pampering.

So, why not select a relaxing massage or other soothing treatment to enjoy at the lovely Spa Mayu Willka?

Because this is a natural wood and stone complex surrounded by native trees and wildflowers, it creates a peaceful environment that will have you forgetting about ‘real life’ in no time.

Other features and activities

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Kids feeding alpacas at Belmond hotel.

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley – The kids will love feeding cute and cuddly alpacas and llamas at Belmond hotel.

Along with rafting, horse riding and yoga, Belmond Rio Sagrado also offers children’s activities like table tennis, sapo (Peruvian coin toss) and feeding baby llamas.

Guests can also take part in a unique ‘mystic ceremony’.

During this special ceremony, an Andean shaman will guide you in offering thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and help you reconnect with nature.

Finally, accommodation packages include visiting Machu Picchu via the luxury Hiram Bingham train and afternoon tea at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.



Sol y Luna

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Sol y Luna.

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley, like Sol y Luna, offer spectacular views of the natural landscape.

Sol y Luna in Urubamba is a lovely contemporary hotel accommodating guests in cozy ‘casita’ houses made of local stone.

In addition, each one has got delightful garden and Andean views.

The hotel also features a swimming pool, spa treatments and exciting activities like paragliding, horseback riding, cycling, and kayaking.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Sol y Luna casita.

Guests will love the pretty gardens and mountain views at Sol y Luna.

The hotel’s bright rooms feature outdoor terraces, high ceilings, Spanish colonial furniture and Peruvian textiles.

They also include spacious marble bathrooms and deep bathtubs, for extra relaxation.

In addition, each casita has its own unique, original wall mural inspired by the Sacred Valley.

Superior rooms are cosy, circular casitas made from local stone, terracotta and adobe brick.

They are also furnished with Peruvian folk art.

The charming stone and terracotta houses of the deluxe rooms are complemented by extraordinary views, a tranquil fireplace and private terrace.

Premium rooms, meanwhile, are fitted with the extra lavish features of a jacuzzi on the private garden terrace, floor heating and cosy fireplace.


Killa Wasi restaurant offers a relaxed lunch and formal dining of an evening.

Sol y Luna has two onsite restaurants, Killa Wasi and Wayra.

As a result, guests can enjoy diversity.

Killa Wasi provides a buffet breakfast and a relaxed vegan lunch.

Also, of an evening, there is formal dining for guests around a traditional Peruvian hearth.

The dinner menu is made up of sophisticated seasonal dishes, which expertly showcase contemporary Peruvian cuisine.

Hence you can find mouthwatering delicacies like Andean trout, alpaca and even crispy guinea pig with Maras salt potatoes and uchucuta salsa – the restaurant’s specialty dish.

Meanwhile, Wayra offers a relaxed environment and uses traditional wood burning ovens.

Guests are also treated to regular displays by circus performers a prelude to their dinner.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - The spa centre at Sol y Luna.

A stay at any of these luxury hotels in Sacred Valley would not be complete without some pampering.

The elegant Yacu Wasi spa is tastefully enveloped in stained glass windows.

Especially relevant, it offers a soothing and invigorating environment for relaxation.

Because there is a combination of modern facilities and native healing, you get the best of both worlds.

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Spa at Sol y Luna.

Because you are on vacation, why not treat yourself to one of the relaxing spa treatments?

So, do yourself a favor and enjoy a massage, facial or hydrotherapy treatment at this soothing Andean retreat.

Other features and activities

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley

While it might be the perfect place to do nothing, there are also a range of activities at Sol y Luna.

No matter what your interests, an abundance of activities awaits at Sol y Luna.

Hence adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies will find pleasure in horseback riding, mountain biking, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), kayaking and paragliding.

Yet, for those seeking less strenuous adventures, cultural pastimes are also provided.

Discover traditional weaving demonstrations, pottery workshops and theatre presentations.

The Peruvian Paso horse show is another excellent display.

Guests can also participate in Andean cooking classes, garden tours or view local folk art.



Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Customize trip banner.

Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Pool with mountain views at Aranwa.

A picturesque location with all the facilities: Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel.

Aranwa Sacred Valley is a contemporary hotel featuring 74 deluxe rooms.

But while it’s facilities are both modern and luxurious, this hotel was built on the grounds of a 17th century hacienda.

Especially relevant, each suite overlooks pretty gardens, tranquil lakes or the historic colonial mansion.

Furthermore, there is an onsite museum, art gallery, spa, swimming pool, gourmet restaurant and pisco bar.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Suite at Aranwa.

The hotel’s elegant junior colonial suite.

The hotel’s deluxe rooms are modern, with minimalist style and include one king or two queen-size beds.

Some have terraces, while others have balconies.

Each river suite offers stunning views of the Vilcanota River.

These suites, for up to two people, include a bedroom, dining room and kitchenette and also a spacious living room, fireplace, and jacuzzi.

The hotel also has three lake suites decorated to represent the three main regions of Peru: coast, highlands, and jungle.

While each suite is located on a small island with superb views, they accommodate up to six people.

Colonial junior suites combine colonial sophistication with the bright colors of the Andes.

Meanwhile, the colonial suite is elegantly decorated with colonial art and features a living room and luxurious bathroom.

The hotel’s 27 colonial rooms display elegant carvings in addition to beautiful wall paintings from the Cusco Art School.

Especially relevant, the presidential suite is where you will discover the epitome of elegance.

Equipped with two bedrooms, a jacuzzi with chromotherapy, living room, kitchen and dining room, you will also enjoy a movie theatre and musical instrument area.

Furthermore, the presidential suite includes a heated pool, games room, pool table and spare room.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Chef preparing food at Aranwa Sacred Valley hotel.

Food is prepared with precision and care at Aranwa Sacred Valley.

Aranwa Sacred Valley has three restaurants, plus a pisco and sushi bar.

Therefore, there is something for everyone.

Restaurant Gourmet Pukawi offers guests a unique culinary journey due to its merging traditional Andean dishes with modern Peruvian cuisine.

Because the restaurant uses such fresh seasonal ingredients, including those from the hotel garden, you will enjoy a truly local dining experience.

Meanwhile, the Kusi Pisco Bar & Sushi bar has two levels and a cozy fireplace.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy traditional pisco sour in comfort.

The bar serves Japanese Peruvian fusion cuisine, so you will find sushi, tempura and sashimi.

Another restaurant, Rikhuna, is a light and spacious venue with pleasant views of the hotel chapel and mountains.

In addition, the colonial mansion’s museum has a kitchen dating back to the 17th century.

There you will find a huge clay oven which cooks pizzas to perfection.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - The luxurious UNNO spa at Aranwa.

The luxurious setting of the hotel’s UNNO spa.

The UNNO spa is known as the heart of Aranwa, a true sanctuary for complete rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

Especially relevant, it has a calming ambiance paired with state-of-the-art facilities.

Hence it features a hyperbaric chamber, hydrotherapy pools, vichy shower and meditation rooms.

Importantly, the treatments combine medical technology with use of alternative healing.

Hence the use of essential oils from native Andean plants is adopted.

Other features and activities

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - The chapel at Aranwa Sacred Valley.

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley – Aranwa Sacred Valley also has a beautiful chapel onsite.

In addition to its beautiful rooms and picturesque grounds, guests can enjoy visiting the hotel’s museum and art gallery.

There is also the Chambi Corner, which honors Latin American photographer Martin Chambi.

Especially relevant is that Chambi was the first to photographically document the archaeological discovery of Machu Picchu.

Furthermore, there is a lovely chapel featuring paintings from the Cusco Art School and an organ pipe from Berlin.


Tambo del Inka Libertador Marriot

Tambo del Inka Libertador is another of the spectacular luxury hotels in Sacred Valley.

Finally, in our top picks for luxury hotels in Sacred Valley, we present Tambo del Inka Libertador.

This classy establishment boasts fine dining, a spa and fitness center, emerald lagoon and riverside gardens.

Especially relevant is that, of all the luxury hotels in Sacred Valley, this is the only one in Urubamba with a private train station to Machu Picchu.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Suite at Tambo del Inka Libertador.

The tasteful and inviting junior suite, which also includes a balcony area.

Because the various suites are furnished in bright, warm tones, they are very inviting.

The superior room effortlessly maintains authentic traditions yet also adopts modern conveniences.

Furthermore, views to the lush gardens and majestic mountains add to its charm.

Located on the first floor, the divine deluxe rooms also feature expansive outdoor terraces.

In addition, they have panoramic views of the mountains or Vilcanota River.

Speaking of beautiful terraces, the deluxe junior suite also comes with its very own.

Hence it is the perfect place to enjoy a private dinner served by your personal butler.

For those staying in the superior junior suite, your elegant balcony will do just fine, too.

With a large dining area, balcony and also an outdoor terrace, the deluxe and superior senior suites have all the facilities for a relaxing stay.


Tambo del Ink offers elegant dining at Hawa Restaurant, yet guests can also enjoy a farm to table experience.

Organic, homegrown produce creates inspired cuisine at Hawa Restaurant.

In addition, guests will love actively participating in their dining by hand selecting ingredients from the greenhouse.


Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Kallpa Spa at Tambo del Inka.

In addition to this ambient hotel, you will love the serene atmosphere of Kallpa Spa.

Become swept up in the calmness of Kallpa Spa, where the regenerative power of water will soothe and relax you.

Hence you’ll find heated pools, vichy and jet showers and hydrotherapy treatments here.

In addition, the spa features 12 treatment rooms, a hair salon and women only section.

Other features 

Luxury hotels in Sacred Valley - Outdoor pool terrace at Tambo del Inka Libertador.

Relax by the outdoor pool, which also features striking mountain views.

The resort is conveniently equipped with a fitness center, business center and games room.

There is also a tour desk, where visitors can receive assistance arranging excursions.

Furthermore, guests can choose to swim in either of the scenic indoor and outdoor pools.



In conclusion, you’ll find everything you need and more at these wonderful luxury hotels in Sacred Valley – a hidden gem when it comes to Peru travel.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to book your luxury Sacred Valley vacation today!

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  • How much budget do you have per person including accommodation , transportations , local flights , activities / excursions. Give us an idea
  • Please give us more details about which activities would you like to do at your destination. What would make this your dream trip ?
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